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The Seal Spirit Animal and Totem Meanings

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The seal spirit animal is one that is of great curiosity. It’s rare that humans can get so close other than in zoos or in our dreams.

Their spiritual symbolism shows us that we need love and nurturing throughout our entire physical journey. We could do this alone, but it’s so much easier through a supportive collaboration.

This becomes more evident when you start to draw upon this animal totem in everyday life.

Most Common Seal Animal Totem Meanings

The seal animal totem shows us that we can find more strength through reassurance. Whether we tell ourselves that we’ll be OK, or that others tell us that we’ll be OK….we need this confirmation.

This leads to our thoughts and emotions becoming ignited with more positive vibes. From here, we can flow more easily through life and are less receptive of negative chatter or energies.

Seal Animal Totem Meanings

Yet it’s wise that we are still receptive of constructive feedback. Much of this can be helpful in your experience, despite it sometimes not totally wanting you wanted to hear. If you miss out – then you might miss the chance to grow.

To draw upon the wisdom of others who are very supportive of your goals is the ultimate meaning of the seal animal spirit. Surround yourself with those who want to lift you up as per this quote:

Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers and the thinkers, but most of all, surround yourself with those who see the greatness within you, even when you don’t see it yourself.

Edmund Lee

In addition, you should be involved with activities that help develop you as a stronger physical and spiritual person. Perhaps you are developing your psychic abilities and should enrol in that online course you’ve been putting off for some time.

Understand that, in order for us to rise, we do have to draw upon intellect and knowledge. Tap into the supportive communities that are drawing those whom you desire to spend more time with.

After all – we’re here to live exciting lives in the short time that we’re here. We need to find the right people to share that experience with and have fun, much like seals do!

Seal Spirit Animal FAQs

I saw a seal in my dream: What does this mean?

Seeing a seal playing with you or attacking you in a dream represents the need to be more aware of those who you give and receive energy from. Are they really helping you in the journey ahead? The seal spirit animal is reminding you of the need to surround yourself with more supportive communities that can nurture your soul.

When should I call on my seal spirit animal?

It’s best to call on your seal spirit animal when you need to raise up your vibrational energy. We can use this opportunity to cast aside our roadblocks and the emotional baggage that holds us down. It’s also a great time to call up the seal animal totem when you are ready to enjoy more joyous experiences.

What does 2 seals represent?

Two seals seen together represents spiritually that we must ensure our spouse is mirroring our path. If they are above us in their spiritual growth, then it’s up to us to rise higher. Seals are about uniformity where two work together for the greater good of each other, as we should do in our human lives.

Final thoughts

Seals love cold water. You might feel that you’ve been down to your depths right now and need a hand up. This is where old fashioned values of community really do come into play.

There are plenty of people who can help you rise to the next level. You just have to be open to receiving the messages of hope and inspiration!

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