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What is the word ‘Seva’ meaning in Yoga?

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Seva is a Sanskrit word often found within yoga verses and you’ll hear it during meditation. Now you’re probably curious towards the definition.

Seva Meaning

You’ve probably seen this mantra chanted or heard it within a spiritual prayer or story.

Seva means selfless service and to be devotional. There are 2 root words behind Seva which are Saha (meaning to be with) and Eva (meaning too) and they, when put together, mean to be connected.

Within the religion of Sikhism, being of selfless service is an important concept. In fact, this is the case with many other Indian religions and the entire yoga community. They are all closely related.

By being in the conscious act of Seva, we can have a collective benefit of gains while having no regard for the outcomes. To say it another way – there is no expectation of reward, whether physical or otherwise, for individuals who practice Seva. It’s simply 100% unconditional giving.

Have you ever felt this way? Many people in the world are feeling this right now. They are, right now, feeling the need to heal the trauma on this planet and this is one very effective means.

We can see young children as the very essence of this term. They come into the world with no filters or baggage. Fortunately, yoga and meditation is becoming very popular in schools to help preserve their very essence.

Persons who perform Seva

The act of being in full unconditional care and compassion towards others and above the needs of self is challenging. Many individuals don’t realize the personal difficulties that are experienced by those who devote their lives to this practice.

We today live in a material world with demands that challenge us. However, the core practice of Seva is more important than ever before, even if the work cannot be conducted in Ashrams which is often the case. You can begin simply at home.

By learning the basics of Seva, we’re able to have with us a powerful tool for the evolution of human conscious connection and devotional servitude. Most importantly – we can rid ourselves of the selfish behaviours that are no longer serving our lives.


By serving others, you are ultimately serving God. That god can be any god. The beautiful thing about Seva is that, while it has its roots in India, it can serve any god of any religion and country.

Going forward, you may heard this in a yoga class or studio and realize that this the word to describe those who are most unconditionally devotional to the greater good of humanity.

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