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The Seven of Cups Upright: What Does It Mean?

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The Seven of Cups Upright tarot represents our bountiful choices and opportunities which surround us. To see these, we simply need to open our hearts and minds.

The Seven of Cups upright

We have so many fantastic choices in the world today. We can be almost anyone we actually want to be. Indeed learning skills online is so much easier than it ever has been in human history.

The Seven of Cups upright meaning

The problem is that some of this is an illusion. We believe that somehow once we build the business of our dreams, then we’ll be happy. Happiness actually comes first.

So many people get caught in this wishful thinking. Indeed you can be successful and become happier through having choices in which to live your life, but ascending up the ladder can’t be done by the grumpy type.

Card meaning

The Seven of Cups Upright is a ‘Yes’ card. In a love reading it will symbolize the vastness of opportunities and choices for relationship but warns the indiivdual to avoid the overwhelm.

My psychic reading of The Seven of Cups upright
Yocean Yogi | The Seven of Cups upright | Rider-Waite

We see the man who’s standing before the cups. Inside each there is a unique gift. He can any or all of these like a magic genie. There are no restrictions! This represents the bountiful gifts that the world provides.

Yet not everything is as it seems. You see, inside some of these 7 cups are dangers lurking. Did you see the snake? If he were to pick up this cup then he’d potentially die!

Essentially, this represents the need for us to choose wisely. We can pick up any that we desire but our choices are paramount if we are to go further in life. Avoid the temptation of allure and do your research.

Opportunity illussion

We believe there are many great opportunities in the world today. Wars have mostly ended and countries have unified where we may freely pass many borders without visas. Indeed friendliness rules the world.

As such, out come the opportunities to go further. The issue is that some opportunities aren’t as they seem. You are picking up a cup that appears to be a diamond….but it turns out to be a dragon!

Another illussion is the perception that work is easy. It isn’t! If you’re trying to build the business that fuels your family for many years to come, this will be a long work in progress. You can’t go from zero to one instantly.

You see, this illusion really started with the release of The Secret. People started believing that they could manifest their way to riches or that the journey would now be so much easier. Nothing really has changed. The reality has always been that you must first manifest in the mind then consicously do the work.

Plan today

Everything starts with a plan. You must set goals. Don’t set dreams. Those are for sleeping. It’s goals that will be tangible, well articulated and measurable for your journey.

Ask any successful business owner and they set concreate goals. They knew how much they wanted to grow and had their systems and goals all figured out ahead of schedule.

Moving closer towards our goal is best done with logic. We must choose a pathway that works with us and what we actually envision doing with our life. After all, our work will encapsulate a large part of our life.

Begin a plan that works for you. Choose the right cup. Actually, you should study them first to ensure you actually choose the right one for you. They aren’t all the same.

Bottom line

We must be grounded. While there are so many opportunities attempting to get our attention, we must focus on the road ahead if we are to move closer to our goal. This is definitely a time to be realistic.

Tarot card words

Whatever you choose must be in alignment with your ethics and morals. If it is, and you can see yourself there already…then go do it!

Fundamentally, be careful what you choose.

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