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The Seven of Swords Reversed: What Does It Mean?

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The Seven of Swords is a tarot card representing your power to overcome the obstacles that lay in your path through intelligence, not war. Even if things appear hard to overcome, there is a feeling of “let’s try just one more time…”

The Seven of Swords Reversed Tarot Card

If you’ve just picked up this tarot card, then this is a reminder that you have personal power to get through this hurdle. Success does come in working smarter to achieve your desired outcome, instead of working harder and dealing with the blows.

The Seven of Swords Reversed Tarot Card meaning

The Seven of Swords reversed is a good reminder to keep going, even in the midst of hopelessness. It’s a sign that you’re coming to the top of the long climb, but you’re still going to need to push that extra mile.

When looking at the card itself, we can see the thief. Beyond him is the army who has challenged his homeland and so the trickster needs to work smarter to challenge and eventually overrun these intruders when facing the most unlikely odds of success.

Now why does he take this approach? Because he chooses to be proactive. The enemy isn’t going to magically retreat. He can’t change their mere existence, but he can certainly change the outcome. That’s personal power, as opposed to victims of circumstance.

He takes those 7 swords of the enemy as opposed to fighting head-on. That’s strategy.

Do you know the real power here?

The power is quite apparent. It’s his mind, not his abilities.

Our psychic reading of Seven of Swords reversed

Essentially, to overcome your own obstacles, you need a new approach to your challenges. Take another angle. Explore new alternatives. Be willing to try something new if the current tactics aren’t working.

Develop a mind that can handle the challenges of the present and future. How? Everything really is available to you immediately. Books, videos, music are just the start. Get yourself to psychic events and meet others who have been through this all before.

Now – many of us know we need this new found knowledge. This wisdom. This inspiration.

Yet so few of us will actually act. There is risk. A very real risk that this might not work, but let us not forget the current challenge. If your situation isn’t improving, it’s time for a new alternative.

Tarot Card of new opportunities

This really is your chance to explore a new vision for your life, but most importantly, take hold of the current situation. For many people, the long hard climb is almost finished, but there’s still some more to go.

tarot card reading with Yocean Yogi on the 7 of Swords reversed

Keep your guard up strong, while having an open mind. Be willing to do the work while others won’t. Know that luck is on your side but does require the resilient mind and will.

Be the individual that pays attention to the little things over these next few chapters. The hard times aren’t over yet, and you may be up for another bigger climb beyond this.

But between now and then, you’re likely to experience some calm and peace.

When holding the Seven of Swords tarot card in reversed, such meanings can be interpreted differently. One thing’s for sure – there is a renewed sense of optimism yet challenge. You’ll find many tarot readers and intuitive healers have the same shared experiences.

And this is one experience you’re bound to face soon. Be willing, able and dynamic to navigate these with a well-defined strategy, as opposed to hoping. You have locked away so much untapped personal power to be the solution.

This could be taking up that yoga class you always wanted, spoiling yourself with some essential oils or manifesting the job of your dreams. Essentially, such challenges can bring with it new opportunities.

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