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The Seven of Wands Reversed: What Does It Mean?

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The Seven of Wands reversed reminds us to stand up and take charge in our situations. It isn’t easy, but we need to be committed.

Often we succumb to the challenges that come in our direction. We fold when we could instead rise to the challenge.

The Seven of Wands Reversed

It’s time to take a stand! There is no need to lower yourself to their standards. You’re worth so much more than you give yourself the credit for.

The Seven of Wands Reversed meaning

Courage and integrity is so far gone in the world we live in today. Fortunately, it’s something that you possess or else how did you find yourself here!

We’re a brand that believes in these two qualities wholeheartedly. You may be experiencing hurdles as we ourselves have done of many years, and it’s ultimate up to you to decide your pathway.

Card meaning

We love the Rider Waite series and have used this for our reading of The Seven of Wands reversed. You are welcome to use any tarot card deck that you desire.

Psychic reading of The Seven of Wands Reversed

We see here a man who is defending himself. He’s not just strong externally but internally too. The voices in his head say “Keep going! You’ve got this! It doesn’t matter what they say!”

He’s out there in the open. Can they attack him easily? Sure! But can he see them coming? From a mile away. For him, the victory has already been won.

How? All victories are won twice. First you win it in your mind, and later you win on the battlefront. He’s had time to process how the enemy will attack, but more importantly, why he will stay on firm ground.

He could have run at any time. That mountain is a downhill path which is easy! Instead, he isn’t going anywhere. Look at those legs spread apart and grounded deep into the Earth.

Preparedness was also a key metric of his plan. He has used other sticks to protect himself and different shoes to confuse the enemy. The question is: What plan do you have?

Prepare today

In life, you will meet your fair share of those who wish to take you down. Perhaps you’ve been through such experiences before and it hasn’t ended favourably well.

This is the unfortunate world that we live in. Toxic energy is everywhere by those who wish to posess you. You can choose to linger with their pool of non-progress or rise up to a new challenge.

This starts with preparing today for the future. Fuel your mind with the spirit of the warrior! Remember Xena on television? We need to ingrain her fighting spirit into our hearts and minds.

Through standing up in what you believe in, you’l become alone on the battlefield. This leads to vulnerability and fear. You too may desire to run away down the hill, unless you have mastered your mind and are willing to stand up for the greater good of the people.

Our personal code

We all live by a code. It’s the internal manual and set of beliefs that we have been harvesting and collecting for years and years. This personal code can be re-written at anytime, and unfortunately, by anyone.

We can get influenced in a highly positive manner, but equally so, in a negative manner. We could become the disasterous solider on the battlefield that is simply taking orders instead of living up to our full potential.

At your fingertips lays the foundation for you to acquire any knowledge that has already been published. Books, podcasts, courses – it’s all there. The spiritual industry is booming right now!

Choosing the right information to fuel your mind is vital. You’ll want to find those mentors can help you build a stronger personal code you can stay victorious in the personal battles that come your way, both internally and externally.

Going forward

This isn’t an easy journey. It’s hard to be the lone warrior on a battlefront when all is exposed. We see this with public speakers – they are alone on stand while being watched by hundreds or even thousands.

Yet why do we love these people so much? Because they have the courage to stand up and deliver a presentation that is so captivating? Yes! For the most part, but we love their dignity.

It’s their well-developed personal code that has lead them to be vulnerable while knowing their strength and personal value to the world.

Life will begin when you accept how strong you were truly were meant to be, while putting in the work to build a more resilient character. We hope you’ll start today.

Illustrations from the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck® reproduced by permission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT 06902 USA.  Copyright ©1971 by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.  Further reproduction prohibited.  The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck® is a registered trademark of U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

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