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The Shark Spirit Animal and Totem Meanings - Yocean Yogi

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The Shark Spirit Animal and Totem Meanings

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The shark spirit animal is one that strikes fear into some of us. Is it here to sneak up and take us by surprise? This really depends on your perspective.

Sharks represent the fierce nature of our spiritual growth. Some days everything is perfect and we’re flowing in harmony, and on other days it’s chaotic where things are just moving too fast. It can become delicate and challenging to keep ourselves on track mentally and spiritually, the shark does symbolize focus and attention.

If you’re the type to commit to new projects and opportunities, then this is the wild animal for you.

Most Common Shark Spirit Animal Totems

The most common shark spirit animal meaning is focus and power. We want to rise above each other and become the dominant individual in our arena.

We see this with atheletes who train and train hard for competitions. Likewise, we see this with speakers, authors, actors and musicians. They are seeking to claim authority in a space.

You may be the type who wants to be seen as superior to others, instead of the ‘little player’ in a big pond. There is a sense of ruthless persistence where you’ll go all day and night on your quest to become #1 in your field.

When others are sleeping, you’re hunting. When others are distracted, you’re ultimately focused on striving for more. You’ll have yourself very honed into what is important to you.

This could also mean switching off the distractions in your life. No more social media. No more drinks with workmates. Instead, you’ll quietly be moving about while being super ambitious.

You know what you want and won’t stop until it’s done. Some days it’s peaceful and some days it’s chaotic. Either way – you’re not here to mess around.

Shark Spirit Animal Positive Traits

As the spark guiding you forward, you’re someone who is strong. No one really wants in your way or tells you how it’s done. In a workplace, you’re the boss and soon you’ll probably own your own business (if you haven’t started this process already).

You’ll focus on the right metrics to take everyone forward in their mission. You’re effective at simply doing the right work instead of being ‘busy’ all the time. Others see you as something to strive to, but also, someone to keep their eyes on.

You’re a character is always wants more. You command presence and authority in your space and others are curious as much as they might show some fear too.

Shark Spirit Animal Negative Traits

With the shark spirit animal, there are certainly negative characteristics too. You’ll be more ruthless and unforgiving. When someone makes a mistake, they will certainly be paying the price.

Some people won’t trust you so easily and thus, making friends is just so much harder. That said, you won’t pay too much time or attention towards making friends, instead opting to simply work harder and harder towards your dreams.

Sacrifices also are quite typical because of your long work hours and tendency to stay back and gets things done. You’ll have a difficult time going on holidays or simply spending a few hours at the beach, because thoughts of work and progress fill your mind.

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Shark Symbolism

The shark spirit animal does inhibit the power, speed and agility with a high amount of aggression. At the same time, there are traits you probably didn’t know about!

If you identify this animal as your totem, then pay close attention to see if the following resonates with you:

1. You’ll fight for what’s right

When things go wrong, you won’t sit and ponder. You’ll rise immediately to fix the situation. There isn’t any messing around. If someone close to you gets hurt, you might instinctively seek revenge.

2. Focus and attention is a common trait

Those who have the shark as their spirit animal tend to have high amounts of focus and attention. They aren’t easily swayed by new opportunities nor do they try to do 10 different things at once.

3. Adventures and new frontiers are common

You aren’t the type to sit around in your own little territory. You are curious and will often go on discovery missions to see where the opportunities are, but you will go one at a time and won’t deviate easily.

4. Reading signals from others is common

The shark spiritual symbolism reminds you that you can read the thoughts and emotions of others. You can even do this while they’re not even physically or virtually connected to you. You just know how to *feel* everything.

5. Striving for more every day

Those who see the shark as their animal totem want to strive for more. They are enriched by motivational and entrepreneurial pursuits. They are ultimately hungry and want more in their life.

6. Going solo is totally accepted

Going through the world on your own is your calling. You don’t need anyone, though often you’ll encounter others on the journey. For a short time you’ll network and then wish them well on the journey.

7. There is time carved out for fun

When you’re not working, there is a little bit of time carved out to enjoy the fruits of your efforts. However, during such times you’ll actually be planning the next harvest and desire to ascend to a higher level in your life.

Shark Animal Totem FAQs

Let’s go ‘deeper’ now on the shark spirit animal and see if we can answer some common questions that are sent in.

I saw a shark in my dream. What does it mean?

Seeing a shark in your dream represents the need to be aware of dangers around you. It doesn’t necessarily mean the shark is your spirit animal, but rather that some things in your life might be soon caving in. Have you experienced difficulties lately? This is the shark spirit animal reminding you while you’re sleeping about the need to rise up and pay attention.

I was attacked by a shark. What does this mean?

Being attacked by a shark in your dreams is scary! It represents that we are too vulnerable to authority figures that come into our life. From here, we either should rise or ensure that we are only allowing people of healing energy (love and light) into our worlds.

Why do I keep seeing sharks everywhere?

It’s not common for people to keep seeing sharks. If you happen to see them everywhere in your daily thoughts or in your dreams, then this can mean two things.

  1. You need to start possessing authority over situations which are unfolding. You’ll need to drawn upon your own leadership.
  2. Danger is lurking and you should pay attention to the intentions of others. Are they working in your best interests or theirs?

The shark is an authority animal and either you need to take charge or concern yourself with those who are in charge.

What do shark tattoos represent?

Many people are getting tattoo sharks today, both for physical reasons but also spiritual endeavours. Having a shark tattoo generally represents that the individual is or at least is attempting to be a leader in their space where others can’t sway their authority. It’s this attitude of personal pursuits and power which we commonly see.

What does shark sightings represent?

Did you just see a shark? This is common along beaches and in the spirit world, represents the need to pay attention to our surroundings. We can’t get too lost in the moment as things can arise which might knock us off our course.

What does a group of sharks mean?

Seeing a group of sharks together represents the teamwork and leadership that one must possess towards victory. We see this with victorious sports teams who are persistent in their quest towards achievement. A group of sharks symbolizes then the need for everyone to work together, and that you may need to draw upon others during stages of your personal journey.

Swimming forward

If you have felt the shark spirit animal resonates with you, then congratulations! This is your animal totem going forward. It’s a rare one to pick as so few people desire to rise to the challenges which are before them.

Sharks are wonderful creatures which are to be respected. If you show them nurturing and respect, they are much less likely to attack you and simply remind us to rise up and possess power and agility.

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