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What Does A Dream About Shoes Mean?

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Shoes Dreams

So you’ve just risen from your sleep and had a dream about shoes. Perhaps you found shoes, bought some new shoes or lost your pair of shoes. What could this possibly mean?

Most of us wear shoes every single day, even if it’s just around our homes and not surprisingly, this is one of the most popular dreams to have.

So let’s look at what this could possibly mean…

Dreaming About Shoes Meanings

There isn’t just one meaning. There are, in fact, 12 meanings so we’ll better help you find the exact message for your soul that your dream was calling out for.

1. You Feel Grounded In Your Everyday Pursuits

You might feel as though you’re pretty firm in the direction of your life. Essentially, you’re on a pathway with a very certain outcome.

Perhaps that’s a business that’s a sure-fire way towards your ultimate goal of an early retirement, or you’re working towards your yoga teacher training certification. Either way – you can’t be distracted by other shiny objects.

2. New Beginnings On The Horizon

Every morning when we put on our shoes, it marks the start of a new day. The anticipation of fun and excitement is everywhere. It’s as though we’re taking those next steps towards accomplishing something big.

Chances are that you’re working on new projects currently, or there are new beginnings on the horizon. This is why you saw those shoes in your dream. It shows that you’re ready for what new things are coming.

3. You’re Taking A Stand For What Is Right

The world has been going through some real cultural and economic challenges recently. Your dream about shoes might mean that you’re taking a stand for what’s morally correct.

If it’s baby shoes then you’re taking a stand for the next generation, while a dream about losing shoes might suggest that you’re fully aware of what’s missing in society today that was lost in the previous generation.

4. You’re Feeling Somewhat Vulnerable

Vulnerability leads to a lack of self confidence and assurance, and this is particularly true if you’ve experienced a losing shoes dream. You aren’t feeling whole or complete in your conscious life.

Perhaps someone has been unkind to you, or perhaps a group or demographic of people. Their attitude has had a run-on effect where you experience dreams that aren’t so pleasant.

5. You Want Some Protecting

Much like feeling vulnerable, you might also feel the need for protection. If you’re a woman, a suggestion for your significant other would be to spend more time with you these coming days.

This will lead to more self assurance in your relationship with your loved one. Not only that, but it’ll (likely) upgrade your love life a little and the foundation between the both of you, perhaps ending the recurring dreams about shoes.

6. You’re Motivated To Push On

If your dream was about running shoes or boots, then you’re the type of person who is motivated to push forward. You’re committed towards success and nothing can really stop you.

The type of shoes really do symbolize something different for each person. Gold or silver shoes might also mean a victory is near, while red shoes might suggest that things are coming to a sudden stop. Business shoes suggest you’re the type of person going on to build an empire in the coming years.

7. You Feel Ready To Change Styles

Your dream meaning might ultimately be a sign that it’s time to change your style. You’re experiencing a career advancement and it’s “out with the old, in with the new” time. It’s your type of shoes in a dream that ultimate will dictate where you’re going and meaning.

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