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What Does It Mean If I Was Bitten By A Snake?

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Most people dream about either seeing or being bitten by a snake at least once in their life. This experience can be traumatizing for some, yet oddly enjoyable for others, especially if the snake is your spirit animal.

Should you be bitten by a snake in your dream, this may mean that you have some subconscious fear that hasn’t yet come to the surface. Likewise, it can also refer to your sexual desires or self-imposed suffering due to stress from everyday life and work.

Unlike most other spirit animals, snakes can either have a positive or negative meaning or experience when sleeping. This too is can differ further based on cultural backgrounds.

In this guide, we’ll look at numerous meanings of snake dreams to help you figure out what message this is trying to represent for your life.

Fear of Snakes

Some people have a fear of snakes which makes experiencing one in a dream a not-so-fun experience. These animals can be unpredictable in the normal world, let alone in the dream world. We can only imagine how terrifying it is to wake up sweating due to an animal that you now have no control over, nor can you escape from.

Now, you may also be afraid of the things that you can’t see, sense or feel. This is coming to the surface late in the night when your subconscious comes alive. You may need to find some control and certainty in your day to day life.

Sexual Temptations

For a small percentage of people, dreams about snakes relate to their regular sexual thoughts, energy and temptations in their conscious and unconscious minds. Perhaps you’ve feel regressed or held back from self-expression and temptation due to environmental or cultural constraints, and it’s time to ‘let go’ in whichever means feels safe for you.

On the other hand, the snake may represent fears towards sexual intimacy in the present or future. This could relate to past experiences due to toxic people who have entered your waking life in the past. While they may be long gone, their innate energy still remains in your mind. Perhaps you’ve thought about someone negative on a regular basis these last few months because they didn’t treat or respect you the way they should have?

Snake Bites In A Dream

It’s one thing to see a snake in your dream, and it’s totally another to actually be bitten by one. Most of us would immediately think of the potential toxic poisons running through our body, paired with immediate medical treatment that we’d require. Fortunately…it’s just a dream.

Now, a snake bite can refer to ourselves, individual people, groups of people or situations within or beyond our control.

In essence:

Snake Biting You

If you’ve been bitten by a snake when sleeping, then this is a true wake up call (pun not intended). Perhaps there is an immediate transformation needed in your life in your relationships, health or finances. What have you been putting off for so long? Do you have a toxic person in your life that needs to be let out the door?

Snake Biting Another Person

You might be one of those fortunate few where the snake didn’t bite you but instead bit someone else. Perhaps – we wonder – if they suffered the same nightmare? The snake may have bitten them on behalf of your revenge plots or simply as a warning of trouble evolving in their life without their own realization.

Baby Snake

A snake dream may not be the typical adult snake that many of us envision. Instead, you may have just seen a small snake. While easy to escape from, these smaller creatures can be uncontrollable in their youth. This snake symbolizes the need to be wary of those who look innocent at first. After all, a baby snake can still give an incredible bite with uncontrollable venom in real life.

Large Snake

On the polar opposite, perhaps you saw a large snake such as a boa constrictor. Even in the wild, these are rare to find so congratulations (of sorts) goes to you. While you may have been fearful at the time, a large snake is trying to send you a message of constriction. Take a moment to ponder what is being tightened up in your life? Relationships? Finances?

Multiple Snakes

Nothing is worse than seeing multiple snakes in the real world, let alone when in a dream. A scary situation at the best of times. This is a potential red flag where we may be trapped and under pressure from multiple areas to escape deadly situations. This can represent the need to pay attention to the immediate threats in your life since not everything may be as it seems.

White Snakes

Interestingly enough, a white snake has been spotted by some who have been sleeping. These snakes represent new transformations and are the most welcoming of snakes to see. Change is on the horizon and you should count yourself lucky and even tell the story to others. Luck really is on your side here!

Repetitive Dreams of Snakes

Lastly, it may not be the only dream you’ve had of snakes, or if it has been, this may not be the last one you have. Recurring dreams of snakes is simply a constant reminder to pay attention to something in your life that you continually neglect. In essence – a sign that you’re neglecting because something just isn’t right.

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