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What Does Seeing a Spider In A Dream Mean?

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So you’ve just woken from a dream where you encountered a spider. It may have been a deadly threat, or hopefully, just a more passive experience.

Either way – we’re here to give you some context and meaning as to why you’ve experienced this somewhat odd dream about spiders.

Let’s begin.

Bad Spider Dream Experience?

Many of us are afraid of spiders in the material world and when having a dream about a spider. So much so that it can really get us waking up frantically in a sweat. However, it’s important to remember that this isn’t as bad as it may seem.

While the spider could have seemed scary at first, it may symbolize some good coming your way. The spider can symbolize that you’ve been caught up in things yet moving through the seemingly impossible is far easier than it may seem.

So with that in mind – the good and bad meanings – let’s delve into each individual type of spider dream. We’ve found the 10 most common dreams that people experience.

Being Bitten by a Spider In Your Dream

Seeing a spider is one thing, and being bitten by one is completely next level. Chances are that you woke up in a less-than-pleasant state of mind given you were helpless within certain situations.

Now, what this bite could mean is your insecurities are getting to you. Those thoughts you think about all day long are manifestations of real internal conflict and it’s starting to really get to you. This was a wake-up call that things need to change very soon.

Personally Killing Spiders In Your Dream

Animal rights activists can’t stop you from killing spiders in your dream. If this is something you’ve experienced, then this dream means that you’re ready to face the anguish in real life. There is only so much you can take and now it’s time to rise.

Likewise, it can also refer to real-life conflicts with others such as family members and coworkers. You needed an avenue in which to express your frustration and turmoil and turned towards killing spiders instead.

Watching a Spider Weave a Web

Experiencing a spiders web in a dream is much more relaxing than the former. In this instance, you’re needing to pause and reflect on the challenges that have come into your life. You deserve a break.

Given that spiders can wait several days for their prey to arrive, you’ll need to be patient in this period. Put the existing life situations and challenges on the back burner for now as your presence is needed.

Seeing Multiple Spiders

What’s worse than seeing one spider in your dream? Seeing several at once like an army attempting to take over your body. In this case – you DO have something to worry about which needs immediate attention.

Chances are that you’ve been overrun in your waking life. Things have (to a degree) spiralled out of control with much overwhelm. Perhaps – then – we should’ve spotted a spider web too.

Rescuing a Trapped Spider

The almost polar-opposite of overwhelm is self-control. With such control, you’ve got a grip on life and can really breathe while caring for others. You can be gentle and you’ve got the time to listen in.

Likewise, you can provide self-care and nurturing to your soul and allow your feminine power to rise to the surface. The spider may respond appropriately with love, wonder and appreciation.

Seeing a Dead Spider

Another less-than-serious experience is to see a dead spider. We can best interpret this as the death of either your vicious side, or that of someone close to you. From here, a new dawn arrives.

Sometimes you may need to look a second time. While the spider may have looked dead while you were dreaming, the spider itself may have been sleeping and thus, simply giving you time to ponder some potential challenges which lay in your wake.

Dreaming of a Spider In Your Bed

There is nothing worse than having a dream that a spider is in your bed. I’ve had this happened several times and it certainly gets my heart rate up high. Even just the thought now that these creatures could be in my bed sheets is frightening.

These wpiders crawling around your bed represents that danger is close. You may not have immediately seen it, but you’re potentially about to have a string of bad luck. If anything – now is the time to be very alert.

Having a Spider In Your Hair

If it’s not a spider in your bed…it’s a spider in your hair! The second worse experience that any woman can have. Now, this dream indicates that you may feel your youthfulness and beauty is at risk.

It’s this stressful situation exemplified by social media’s gratification of ‘the perfect person’ that can lead us to feel insecure, and even under attack. It can feel like you’re needing to compare yourself, but ultimately, there is little need. We’re all unique creatures just like the spiders themselves.

Spiders Weaving a Web

Alright – back to something more soothing! Spotting a spider who’s weaving a web reminds us of our divine connectedness. Not just with ourselves, but with others and the world around us. Everything is connected, after all.

As we ponder this divine unity and connection between the dream world and the real world, we’re able to start planning what we may be able to create – and thus accomplish – in the future. This is the time to reach for the journal and start writing.

Being Eaten by a Giant Spider

Being bitten by a spider is scary enough in a dream, but being eaten by one is deadly terrifying! Fortunately, it hasn’t happened to me *yet* but we can best interpret this as giving up.

Perhaps you’ve had thoughts that have held you down recently or stuck in a less-than-ideal situation. Your life situation may not be so ideal so your subconscious is screaming out through this spider.

Types of Spiders in Dreams

There are numerous different types of spiders that we might experience in our dreams. Each of these spiders can have a slightly different meaning:

Black Spider: Bad news. Like a dark witch, some real challenges are brewing.

White Spider: Good news. New beginnings based on personal aspirations.

Red Spider: High energy. There is some excitement in the air but may be overwhelming.

Green Spider: Positive energy. The green spider represents great health and vitality.

Tarantula Spider: High danger. Don’t ignore the severity of your circumstances.

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