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The Suit Of Cups: What Do These Tarot Cards Mean?

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Do you have a Suit of Cups with your deck of tarot cards? These refer to love, relationships, feelings and connection with emotional beings.

The Suit of Cups Meaning

We see these cards as managing our feminine side through the element of water. Such fluidity and being agile shows how life can be through the months, years and decades of our physical life experience.

The Suit of Cups Meaning Yocean Yogi

Such forces can be very forgiving or very powerful. Water can carry our soul or it can also throw us up against the rocks. We must harness such energy and redirect it to the greater good of our soul journey while finding our way forward.

This very much is the heart-driven card that you’ll find in any tarot deck. Women find healing, transformations, intuition and emotional intelligence when looking at any of these cards.

Each card has variations between upright and reversed. We’ll delve deeper below.

What do The Cups tarot cards mean?

If you’re conducting a psychic reading then the cups are representing that you’re a heart-thinker rather than a logical head thinking. This is a good thing! You’re more likely to respond with joy and spontaneity rather than simply an automatic response. Many who are heart-thinkers posess vast stores of imagination and creativity.

One challenge is that many souls here do experience emotional highs and lows. You might disengaged, full of energy, active or totally drained out as the weeks roll on by. In addition, you are likely to be living in the fantasy of the future while not being as grounded in the present.

Many people here have strong emotional connections and draw their inspiration from their heart centre. They create, draw, paint, imagine and build things that others just cannot articulate from such a rational and logical mind. Studying arts is a common pursuit here.

What does it mean when you have mostly cups?

When you have a tarot reading and it’s mostly Cups on the table, then this represents the need to solve issues around love, relationships, intuitiion and imagination. Some conflicts might be arising between yourself and those who want you to choose a more rational pathway which isn’t at your core.

We adore those who choose their path, not one crafted by society or that of an elder. It’s often our parents that want to mould us into their version of themselves which was left unfulfilled.

There is also a sense of judgement. “What will society think of them?” and indeed, you’re likely the type who has already transcended past this. You care little about society’s judgements and instead simply address your heart’s desires which lay before you.

The Suit of Cups Tarot Card Overview

The Ace of Cups Upright
Inspiration and New Relationships
The Ace of Cups Reversed
Self Love and Appreciation
The King of Cups Upright
Strength and Compassion
The King of Cups Reversed
Organisation and Mastery
The Queen of Cups Upright
Intuition and Stability
The Queen of Cups Reversed
Self-Care and Refueling
The Knight of Cups Upright
Imagination and Romance
The Knight of Cups Reversed
Authencity and Truth
The Page of Cups Upright
Curiosity and Persistence
The Page of Cups Reversed
Creativity and Amazement
The Ten of Cups Upright
Harmony and Alignment
The Ten of Cups Reversed
Gratitude and Joy
The Nine of Cups Upright
Unsatisfied and Success
The Nine of Cups Reversed
Satisfaction and Gratitude
The Eight of Cups Upright
Abandonment and Quitting
The Eight of Cups Reversed
Grounding and Attunement
The Seven of Cups Upright
New Choices and Opportunities
The Seven of Cups Reversed
Choices and Opportunities
The Six of Cups Upright
Childhood Inquisivitiveness
The Six of Cups Reversed
Remembrance and Transformation
The Five of Cups Upright
Failure and Pessimism
The Five of Cups Reversed
Change and Perspective
The Four of Cups Upright
Contemplation and Harmony
The Four of Cups Reversed
Assistance and Openness
The Three of Cups Upright
Celebration and Joy
The Three of Cups Reversed
Charisma and Healing
The Two of Cups Upright
Divine Unification and Love
The Two of Cups Reversed
Trust and Understanding
The entire Tarot Suite of Cups

Ultimately, we are love and light. The intuitive healers and creatives encourage us to seek more internally. They inspire us through their thoughts, actions and divine change which they bring to this Earth.

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