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The Sun Reversed Tarot: What Does It Mean?

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The Sun reversed tarot represents relentless optimism in the world and success which is our fundamental birthright. We have before us the new dawn rising!

If you have been feeling estatic lately then this is the tarot card for you.

The Sun Reversed

Vibrance and joy are what we all strive to live in. It’s where you ultimately thrive and where the greatest love and pursuits sprout from. Essentially, it’s a celebration of life and the ultimate meaning of happiness.

The Sun Reversed meaning

Unfortunately, much of the world doesn’t get to experience such richness of energy. They’re depleted. You may be depleted too, but this is only temporary. There is always sun at the end of the biggest storm.

It’s time to brighten up. To see the world for what it truly offers. To remove the masks and turn off the negativity found in the mainstream media. We are ultimately love and light.

Card meaning

The Sun reversed is definitely a Yes card. It doesn’t matter if it’s upright or reversed. We’ve used the Rider-Waite series for our tarot readings though you may choose any that you desire.

The Sun Reversed psychic reading

We see the baby riding on the horse. This represents confidence within new beginnings of light and love. The sun is also rising representing a new dawn.

The baby has that look of wanderlust and unlimited possibilities. It isn’t held back by limiting beliefs yet and given its independence, it will carry forth in life with great joy and love.

Why is the horse there? It means trust and assistance. We can’t go through this journey alone, with the red veil representing protection. By using the horse, we can cover many great distances.

It’s impossible to undertake such an ardous journey alone. The sun gives us warmth and the horse gives us assistance and courage. We ultimately decide where we want to go with the tools we have.

Indeed a psychic reading of The Sun is the best tarot card in any deck. It signifies that there is a wonderful and joyous world out there that we all experienced as children. It’s time to return to sign a place, even for just a moment.

Our blessings

Life is a blessing. The very reason that we’re alive is one to appreciate. We could have been any animal but we’re human. We also could have been born at any time, but we’re alive right now.

The world needs us in this moment. We’re being called upon to do great work. By harnessing the healing energy of the sun we’re able to see the true potential of our soul manifesting into a marvelous physical existence.

This is our truth. Every day we have a fresh start and a chance to improve upon yesterday. Even it’s just 1% more – it’s within us to do more. To be more. To achieve more.

Don’t subscribe to the negative stigma that surrounds society. They want to hold you back from your true potential. For them, life is of restriction and scarcity.

You are blesed to be here. When the night arrives, this is only temporary. Soon it will be light again and a chance to feel this divine healing light while returning to our child-like state. One that is of bliss, wonder, joy and love.

Warming up

You’ve had your fair share of challenges by now. Things have set you back and made you question your very existence. You wondered if you would ever achieve the dreams you had set forth.

Light is love and the sun is ultra optimistic. It brings us joy and healing energy like nothing else. Enthusiasm, creativity and ambition all start with a new dawn which is rising.

It’s time to illuminate and warm up. You are exactly on the right pathway. Chin up and keep going!

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