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The Swan Spirit Animal and Totem Meanings

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The swan animal spirit is one presented to those who need to trust their human instincts and gut feelings. When things feel right, or feel right, you should trust it.

You’ll be encouraged to relax and flow effortlessly through life. Being guided by our inner wisdom is essential to flowing through life in joy and laughter.

The Swan animal totem speaks of grace, trust, intuition and beauty. You can call upon this spirit animal when you are ready to unleash your creative pursuits and manifest your dreams. Many people feel guided by the swan spirit animal when desiring to create more balance and trust in their inner and outer worlds.

The Swan Spirit Animal and Totem Meanings

This is very much a soul-driven totem that carries us forth through the ebbs and flows in life.

Most Common Swan Totem Meanings

Once the swan animal spirit is working for you, you’ll find stillness and tranquility in your daily pursuits. You won’t feel so rushed nor have the need to fit in with others.

This gives way towards you being able to plan things properly. That gratitude journal of yours will become filled with inspiration and moments of joy. You’ll make the most of what you have.

You’ll be drawing inwards with the swan spiritual symbolism to see just how amazing things can already be. Instead of trying to pursue new creative pursuits, you’ll instead recharge yourself with what you have already.

Faith is a common feeling with those who see the swan meanings. They begin to believe that their life is being guided and inspired by a higher power or by their inner dialogue which becomes more placid and relaxed.

Belief is another power that comes forth. The belief in our inner and outer beauty with almost no self-criticism or frustrations. Finally! Our dreams can start manifesting in the material world.

Swan Spirit Animal Positive Traits

People are amazed at your beauty. Your real beauty, not some made-up social media star. You radiate beauty inside and out through simply being you, and thus, you inspire others to do the same.

If you’re in a relationship, then you’re devoted. Commitment is something that you hold in high regard and will be loyal to the same individual with no distractions. They’re for keeps!

You keep your word. If you say you’ll accomplish something, then you’ll accomplish it. People trust you and see that you’ll make it happen regardless, despite your existing responsibilities.

Swan Spirit Animal Negative Traits

Others may be put off by how perfect your life is. Surely there has to be a flaw…and there are! You chase perfection when you don’t need to be so ideal in your daily pursuits. They say ‘done’ is better than ‘perfect’ in the world of creativity.

You’re also very vulnerable. People want to knock you down whenever they can because you’ve mastered your inner and outer world. It’s difficult to deal with conflict in such situations.

You’ll also want to spend more time with those who share your same vision. Thus, you’ll let go quite easily of those who are taking away your energy stores.

When To Call On The Swan Animal Totem

It’s best to call upon the Swan spirit animal when you need more self-assurance in your life. If you haven’t felt quite right recently and need to feel comfortable in your own skin, then this will give you more faith and belief that you have all the answers already.

When To Call On The Swan Animal Totem

Feeling lost, insecure or heartbreak is another great time to call on this animal totem. The swan provides hope that you can rise more powerful and strong than ever before. You’ll have the audacity to admit that you fell short but it’s never the end. There are just things you need to work thorugh.

Seeing Swans in Dreams

If you recently saw a swan when you were sleeping, then this represents your need to find more assurance and certainty in your life.

Seeing Swans in Dreams

You have been a bit harsh on yourself recently. The swan came to you in your dream to nourish your swan and remind you just how beautiful you really are. You were made to be an inspration to the wordl and this is a solid reminder.

It’s time to rise and be authentic once again. Return to that child-like state where life was a journey of unlimited possibilities and where no judgement was ever placed upon your soul.

Final thoughts

Your chance is here to grow more emotionally and spiritually. It’s been hard up until this point and the universe wants to help you, as does the swan animal totem. Soon you will discover even more joy and wonder in the world.

We are truly living in the best time in recorded history to be alive. Let’s shine forth and find grace in the moments of wander!

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