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Tara Medium Review: Are Those Complaints Real?

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Tara Medium is an online platform where you can get a tarot card reading. The Yocean Yogi team recently came across this woman and it seemed like a scam.

These days everyone is a little skeptical. After all, online psychics often have little in the way of credentials in most cases.

Tara Medium Overview

There are certainly some things that struck us as odd about this website. After all, Tara Medium is owned by Astroway Ltd and is based in Gibraltar. Why? It’s a tax haven.

We decided to dig hard as we wanted to know the facts.

Tara Psychic Reviews

With any online psychic reader, there’s always a story. A tagline that talks about how they developed their abilities as a child and can serve you in the right direction…provided you pay them.

In her case, she apparently harnessed such skills as a newborn and remembers it! Very interesting and we’ll just have to take her word that this is true…we guess?

The Free Psychic Readings

Is there anything like a free lunch? No. There is always a catch.

Tara Medium gives free psychic readings, but the catch is that you must hand over your email address first and then are sent automated readings which are quite generic. If you thought this was personalized emails to YOU, then you’d be absolutely wrong.

The lead is to eventually have you pay up for a real psychic reading. It’s hoped that after some time, once the trust is built, that you will follow through. And by the way…these are only chat readings and not over the phone / Skype / Zoom etc.

Why would this be? Because the individual “Tara” may actually be a male.

Tara Psychic Reviews

There are some people who have had a great experience with “Tara” but the overwhelming majority have had a 1-star experience. The Tara Medium website appears to be very much a scam with so many complaints and user experiences that didn’t go as planned.

The experiences are typically:

  • Money taken from credit cards without authority/permission
  • Double-charged payments when payment plans were first established
  • No contact afterwards or recourse. If you had a problem, you were on your own

Luckily, the average person only loses $20 on this website so the loss isn’t that great, but added up it can cost thousands of dollars. At this time of writing, there are 300+ bad reviews regarding Tara Medium and we have debunked this website as merely providing generic readings to everyone.

It’s fantastic that you’re being as skeptical as we are given the dark energies that do attempt to profit off the vulnerable in the psychic reading industry.

Alternative Options

There happens to be many more legitimate online psychic websites coming into the public light. Indeed many individuals are realizing the divine healing power that one receives from fortune telling.

The best alternatives to Tara Medium are:

  • Psychic Source
  • Hollywood Source
  • Ask Now
  • Keen
  • Kassamba
  • Oranum

All of these have been around for several years and have had thousands of positive experiences. Disclaimer: You will often pay much more money but it’s a cost of using a legitimate platform.

In Summary

Given the tainted negative reviews and experiences that individuals have faced with Tara Medium’s website, it’s not our best interest (or yours) to recommend this. Be wary and you may be simply taken for a ride.

It’s typically inviting to simply sign up for a free reading but often ‘free’ does come with a catch. In our experience, you are far better-off simply paying for a reading with a highly rated psychic platform.

What’s most important is that they offer phone and video calls. This way you know the individual person is real and often you can find people in your very own country.

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