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The Tiger Spirit Animal

This Is Everything You Wanted To Know

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Lisa Taylor

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This is the definitive guide to the Tiger Spirit Animal for 2021.

I have spent 57 hours researching and creating this handy guide.

So if you’re curious to know:

➜ If the tiger is your spirit animal

➜ What the common meanings of the animal totem are

➜ The positive and negative traits of this spirit animal

➜ When you should call upon your spirit animal

➜ Unusual and mystical facts about the tiger symbolism

Then you’re certainly in the right space. Let’s begin!

The Tiger Spirit Animal FAQs (June 2021)

Common Tiger Spirit Animal Meanings

The most common meanings of the tiger spirit animal are:

➜ Power and strength combined with agility

➜ Constant observation of surroundings

➜ High amounts of relaxation and reflection

➜ Anger when your buttons are pushed

➜ Determination and independence

Positive Traits

The positive traits of the tiger spirit animal are:

➜ You’re quietly confident in your abilities

➜ You can be persistent in the things that matter

➜ People enjoy your company and your loyalty

➜ You care about others often more than needed

➜ You’re comfortable in your own skin

Negative Traits

The negative traits of the tiger spirit animal are:

➜ You can’t handle too many people at once

➜ At times, you’ll lash out at mild inconveniences

➜ You’re often nasty to those who surpress you

➜ Others may take advantage of your exterior

➜ You’ll put up a little fight, then quickly bail

When To Call

You should call upon your tiger spirit animal when:

➜ You aren’t feeling powerful as you did yesterday

➜ You’re distracted and desire to feel centered

➜ You’ve been missing opportunities to prosper

➜ Focusing has been challenging in recent days

➜ You desire to step back into your personal power

Mystical Facts

Here are some interesting facts about this totem:

➜ The tiger reminds you to stay determined

➜ You should focus on positive outcomes

➜ You can choose as to how you’ll proceed

➜ You’re going for something bigger in life

➜ It’s up to you to use the strength given to you

Is This Your Spirit Animal?

You’ll easily know if the tiger is your spirit animal if:

➜ You’ve always been bold and determined

➜ You enjoy alone time and relaxation

➜ Others see your inner and exterior beauty

➜ You enjoy waiting for the perfect time

➜ You always know better opportunities are coming

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