Hello there sweet soul! ?

Ever wanted to create an online business where you can manifest your dreams?

Luckily, since you’re in the right place!

That’s part of the reason I built Yocean Yogi.

Many conscious souls are called towards freedom.

And being online is even more appealing to the spiritual community

Now, there are dozens of business models and ideas.

From freelancing to working remote jobs, and even teaching yoga online..

And yet, none have really fit perfectly for conscious creators.

Until recently.

When we’re heading in spiritual retreats, most business models aren’t viable.

Anything that requires constant customer service won’t give us time to breathe.

Nor will a remote job where you need to clock in and clock out at certain times.

So start a heart-centered business where you can work when you want.

The type that doesn’t require your attention every single day.

Got some downtime? That’s a great chance to get some work done.

Keen to go to a yoga retreat for a few days? Perfect.

Allow your business continue to manifest more income for you.

That’s the type of soul-centered business you want. ? Just…bliss.

You can have one that propels beyond your active input.

For me – that’s come in the form of digital assets.

And you know, Yocean Yogi is one such example.

The helpful content I create can help thousands of fellow yogis.

At the same time, the site has manifested more than I ever hoped!

And nowadays, I’ve built 20+ websites just like this. You can too.

It’s easier, once you power through the initial hurdle.

But my friend, it’s not about me here…

It’s about YOU and YOUR DREAMS of manifesting true business freedom.

Of course, it takes a little work to get yourself going.

You gotta be resourceful…but you knew that already. ?

You could build out a portfolio of digital assets to fund your spiritual journey.

These digital assets are simply revenue-generating websites.

Better yet – these websites are selling for $100,000 or even millions.

You heard of the FIRE Movement? Many are now paying attention to this space.

This way, they can bring forward their dreams of working online from home.

With their own spiritually-focused business website with real visitors.

Now, my soul-filled friend…you’re still reading this far down.

A genuine congratulations! ?

Attention and curiosity aren’t easy to come by these days.

So, where to from here? I want to show you how this all works.

I’d love to see you build a real business that fuels your soul, just like me.

I’d like you to fulfil your dreams of enjoying as much yoga as possible.

And that starts with proper training, and it’s really free. ?

You’ll discover how to:

? Start a website around your passion (such as spiritual or yoga practice)

? How to make an income stream from that website

? Ways to scale up and automate many parts of the process (’cause you don’t wanna do this all yourself)

My life really changed when I discovered how to build profitable websites.

And even with my experience, I still refer back to quality training often.

Matt and Liz are my mentors who have built real online businesses.

? >> Sign Up To Their Free Training Here << ? (Good souls only!)

Wonderful and soul-centred trainers, with a YouTube channel too!

With more than 1,000 students loving their online training.

Now look, something that really worried me with this page.

I thought long and hard about whether I should mention this strategy.

After all, I might actually create competition for myself…

You know, if you go and build a competing spiritual/yoga site.

But realistically, it isn’t actually about me here.

It’s about you and fulfilling your dream of working 100% online.

I didn’t want to be one of *those* selfish types that won’t share some wisdom.

So if you’re open to learning, then get started with Matt and Liz’s free training.

>> The Heart-Centered Webinar Starts Shortly << ?

I’d love to see you on the inside too.

And later, see you at one of the many spiritual festivals. ?

Imagine experiencing true freedom that you created all by yourself.

That’s a real opportunity for you, so you can start moving forward.

But if it isn’t for you, I hope I’ve helped you with this website.

I hope I’ve inspired you and taught you a few wise, old lessons too.

Yocean Yogi is both a labour of love and passion.

And something that my soul really aligns with closely.

So from one spiritual creator to another…


– Lisa “The Yocean Yogi Lady” Taylor. ⛵️

P.s. You should really open your mind to their training webinar. It’s FREE and if anything, you’ll come away more empowered with digital skills for the future.

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