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Tummee Yoga Sequencing App Review: Is It Any Good?

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Tummee Yoga Sequencing App is one that dozens of yoga teachers currently use to make a better flow to their online yoga classes. Is it any good though?

We’ve created an unbiased review of their app for yoga teachers. There is no commercial or business relationship between us.

Let’s begin.

Tummee Yoga Sequencing App Review

One of the biggest challenges with new yoga teachers is finding their groove. That is – finding a sequence of yoga poses to take their students through.

Tummee Yoga Sequencing App Review

What you’ll want is to make an impact. Essentially, having those same students coming back class after class is vital.

These days, there happen to be multiple sequencing apps on the market that can achieve exactly this. Some are affordable while others cost a fortune.

We recently came across Tummee and decided to have a look. Their pricing is quite affordable at just $5/month and they have pre-loaded sequences so you don’t have to think so much.

In fact, there are so many more features that we found!

App features

There are 3,250+ yoga poses on their platform including variations for those who need something deeper or more soothing, depending on where they are on their yoga journey. You can even search for poses by both their English and Sanskrit titles.

Using the app

But then, how do you get all those thousands of poses into a dozen or so yoga poses for a class? That’s easy. They have 70+ sequences already setup for you and teachers can drag and drop different poses in and out of their lineup.

In addition, there are video tutorials and precautions that teachers should make. This is especially important as yoga injuries are becoming more common due to Instagram fame and social pressure.

Now, when it comes to a yoga studio, the last thing you’ll want is to have your phone in hand. This is unprofessional and out-of-place in a setting that promotes mindfulness and calm. For this reason, you can print out all your sequences professionally and quickly before your class starts.

Lastly, you can use this on a tablet instead of a cell phone. Go and adjust that brightness right down and you can still see an outline, while playing the class music in the background. Bliss!

Tummee complaints

Now we’re not one to complain or be critical of a product. However, we’re also unbiased in our approach of reviewing yoga software platforms such as Tummee. As a result, there are a couple of things that we can see that should be improved.

  1. Yoga studio branding. We’d love to see the ability to overlay yoga studio branding on to the app. This way if sequences are shared with students or teachers, it simply looks more in-house and professional.
  2. Longer trial period. 15 days can be a little on the short side for a trial. We’d love to see a full month provided for students. Yes, this is a very minimal inconvenience but some teachers only teach 2 or 3 classes per month anyway.

Those two improvements are still just 1st world problems. It’s clear that Tummee has built something incredibly powerful right here backed by very good customer service and support.

Final verdict

So then, is it worth having? It’s certainly very good for the price you pay. Whether you’re a new or existing yoga teacher looking to better manage your classes without needing to over-think the plans, then this app is a lifesaver!

Tens of thousands of teachers already use this platform and going by the reviews of Tummee, they are overwhelmingly positive. This is certainly one company going in the right direction by offering tones of value for a minimal monthly outlay.

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