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The Turkey Spirit Animal and Totem Meanings

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The turkey isn’t so well known as a spirit animal, but certainly has some traits that we need to pay attention to. It’s here to remind us to channel our energy more effectively to manifest more of what we desire.

The Turkey Spirit Animal and Totem Meanings

In a spiritual sense, the turkey symbolizes the abundance that is available in the world to each and every one of us. We are shown that we’re often placing limitations on ourselves and what we can ultimately bring into our material world. The turkey is here to help us remove such limitations, and so we can really experience all that is possible.

We can certainly find happiness and harmony already, but we always desire to have that little bit more. If we align ourselves properly to the turkey spirit animal, then we’ll be able to bring our dreams and aspirations into our life more easily.

Most Common Turkey Animal Totems

The turkey spirit animal is one of true abundance. It really does symbolize that the world offers so much…if we’ll only open our eyes! So many resources and so much talent available to us.

It’s here that we should start to nourish ourselves. Find the harmony in the moment, despite the challenges you might have. Reach for that gratitude journal and grab that favorite pen of yours!

The key message here is that the gate to unlock the riches into your life is in your hands. Sure – you may not want to be rich, but you certainly want freedom. The freedom to choose your own destiny.

Turkeys remind us of spiritual mastery and feminine energy intertwined, paired with a sense of motivation. You’ve got to want what you desire and take the action to make it happen; only it becomes so much easier when calling upon your animal totem.

Most Common Turkey Animal Totems

Now perhaps you’re not a taker. You simply want to give abundance. Excellent! You could be so much more and give to the world much more than others, simply by moving into harmony and into a flow-state of being.

Soon you’ll see what the world truly offers to those who open up and literally let it all in.

Turkey Spirit Animal Positive Traits

You’re the type that always wants to learn new things. You look up to spiritual authors and influencers and want to find out how to manifest great things into your life. You consider yourself a lifelong learner and believer in the Law of Attraction.

Gratitude and appreciation is something that you hold in high regard. No matter how small your results are, you are simply happy that you at least have something! From here, you know that you can have so much more.

Self-love is practiced often but you’ll also love others equally so. They’re often drawn to you for your wild nature and pursuits towards manifesting more. When someone needs help, you’re right there.

Turkey Spirit Animal Negative Traits

You are someone who can be a victim of the energy vampires. They want to knock you down for attempting to reach new heights and build a better life for yourself and your family. This vulnerability gets you down sometimes.

You’ll also be the one to show off some success too. Perhaps you post photos to social media or love to share small wins with others personally. It’s a little boastful that others won’t really like.

Lastly, you can get too caught up in the future and lose touch with the moment. Your mind is always racing with ideas and inspiration, so while someone might be talking to you, your conscious mind probably heard so little. Some might then perceive you as disconnected with reality.

Animal Spirit Animal FAQs

What does the bush turkey represent?

The Australian bush turkey (commonly called the ‘bin chicken’) depends on human waste typically for their survival. In the spiritual world, they represent utilizing the resources we already have available to help us evolve and expand.

Bush turkey spiritual symbolism

When we open our eyes, we can see what the world truly offers us. When the bush turkey in Australia looks around, it sees abundance everywhere. This symbolizes that humans need to be more adapt to what’s already present, as opposed to creating things from scratch.

A turkey was in my dream. What does this mean?

Seeing turkeys in our dreams represents our need to believe in our own opportunities. There are things in our existence that we haven’t taken action on. Instead of trying out new things, we should stick to what we already had but didn’t use. For example, a busy turkey would use resources already available to build its nest.

You might have also had a dream of hunting, chasing or running over a turkey with your car. This means that you’re being a threat to those who are trying to find more peace in their lives. Have you been harsh on someone recently? It’s a sign that you must take a break.

How can I call on the turkey spirit animal?

It’s really easy! Call upon the turkey spirit animal when you are ready to:

  • Be more open to accept the skills and knowledge you have is enough.
  • Have the desire to explore and expand your own personal net worth
  • Desire to manifest even more non-physical abundance into your world
  • Want to become a shining example for others to rise up in the moment

You’ll soon see the world is happening for you. Both the good and bad is a representation of your internal state, and once you come to this awareness, life really enhances.

What is the turkey feather meaning?

So you just found a turkey feather on the ground. This means that your soul is warming up to the reality that our thoughts create our world. Essentially – you’re expanding as a conscious creator and are on the right path forward.

What does it mean when a turkey crosses my path?

Turkeys come into our path (both physically and spiritually speaking) for various reasons. Most commonly it’s to signify the awakening of your soul towards abundance. It’s ready for so much more, and as humans, we need to start opening the door to let the flow right on in.

Going forward

When many people think of turkeys, they don’t identify them as a spiritual animal. In some cultures, they are simply seen as scavengers who are just trying to find food from humans.

Fortunately, there is a small minority like yourself who sees beauty and meaning in this animal. When we stop and evaluate this animal totem, we’re able to better understand our personal worlds.

And not just understand our worlds either, but to enrich them! Abundance is coming…and you just have to open the door.

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