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The Two of Wands Reversed: What Does It Mean?

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The Two of Wands reversed is about living in the present, since many people are in a futuristic trance that is still years away. It’s time to be real.

The Two of Wands Reversed

We all experience situations of restlessness. It’s that longing to achieve our dreams and bringing what we envision through the Law of Attraction into physical manifestation.

The Two of Wands Reversed meaning

That’s the journey of success, right? Once we “finally” reach our goals, then we’ll be happy and successful. We live in this trance similar to Thomas The Tank “I think I can” combined with the feeling of being there in the present.

For the most part – this is actually the right thing to do. As Abraham-Hicks tells us, we should experience what we desire in the mind first before bringing it into reality.

And chasing that “thing” that will make us happy is a good idea, but let’s not lose sight of the greater problem: Presence.

It’s just as important to be in the here and now as it is to be in the future. The now requires authentic love for ourselves and happiness in our current circumstance, paired with the obvious longing for much more.

Analyzing this card

Let’s have a look at this card on the Rider Waite deck. The Two of Wards reversed features the lord of a manor looking out over the lack and hills. Clearly he’s been ambitious in his earlier years to manifest such abundance.

A psychic reading of The Two of Wands Reversed

Like many, he didn’t grow up rich. He always sought mentors and spiritual healers to help him get closer to his dreams. He placed a high degree of emphasis on the pursuit in the hope that the “stuff” would make him happy.

And you know what? It did actually make him happy and thus, he also became very wealthy.

At least, for a little while. He always chased wealth. Ask any person on the spiritual journey and they claim not to be chasing wealth, but the reality is contrasting. They are. Why wouldn’t they? Having a secure financial base can certainly lead to spiritual growth without the fear of bilsl and worry.

So there we see him on the card surface observing his empire. He’s happy, yet he still wants more. It just isn’t enough. This then begs the question – what is he really chasing? Most importantly – is he so ingrained in the future that he’s lost sight of the presence and his accomplishments?

The present paradox

Goals, dreams and ambitions are important, but more importantly is happiness. Chasing after material possessions in the pursuit of being happy can be good, as long as we don’t lose touch in the moment.

Have you felt any of the following?:

“Once I save and attend this spiritual retreat, then I’ll be happy”

“Once I manifest the person of my dreams, then I’ll be happy”

“If only I could build a business to get myself out of this rut…”

“How come I can never save a penny after all these years?!”

Instead of looking at a future which hasn’t manifested yet, we should be seeking happiness in the current moment. You can free yourself from relentless search.

Once you do find that inner happiness, you’ll likely be more powerful and relentless in your pursuit. Plus that view from the top can be genuinely enjoyed without the notion of “is this it…?”

Essentially, be happy on the way up. Happiness is available to us now, not through some arbitrary goal.

Happiness is in your control

Future events are beyond our control and we shouldn’t get too ahead of ourselves. Even if we do “make it”, we may only resent the notion of pursuit if it were merely for improving our happiness.

We are creatures of both habit and control. Perhaps you can’t control your environment right now, but you can control your media. Feed your mind with positive thoughts, affirmations and meditations that can nurture the mind. That feeds the soul which inturn feeds the body.

Being obsessed in our life’s journey is important, but so is the present challenges and our inner-most feelings. Ask yourself “How can I get into better alignment in this moment?”

Planning and creating a magical life is a marvelous pursuit. The Two of Wands reversed shows us that despite our best intentions, we may not reach such a heavenly place in the end, if we aren’t already happy today.

Illustrations from the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck® reproduced by permission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT 06902 USA.  Copyright ©1971 by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.  Further reproduction prohibited.  The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck® is a registered trademark of U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

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