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Welcome to Yocean Yogi – Our 1st Post

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We’re ready to start the journey on our Yocean Yogi website with our first blog post.

Launching Yocean Yogi

Our mission with this website is to help yogis and yoginis from around the world to find themselves through the practice of Bhakti yoga, devotion and prayer.

At Yocean Yogi, we believe that inner energy and peace transmutes outwards into our personal world and affects the consciousness of the world as a whole.

Launching Yocean Yogi

Our team has been on the journey for a number of years, all for a different range of reasons.

This includes:

  • Greater health and wellness
  • Manifesting love and happiness
  • Prayers for world peace and prosperity

What we’ve learned is that each person’s journey is different, from their initial intentions to their eventual outcomes. But through remaining consistent on the journey, you too may find exactly what your soul craves.

We’re different

The concept of Yocean Yogi began a few years ago as we witnessed a great disparity in the marketplace.

Yoga and prayer products were either very expensive (though came with high quality) or very cheap and left the individual craving for more. Could there not be the perfect middle-ground?

That’s where we’ve come in. We’re creating a range of yoga mats, wheels, blocks, mala jewellery, prayer beads and more which are both affordable and serve their purpose.

Our ethos also extends to sourcing and sustainability. We want such products to come from places where there is zero exploitation of either child or adult labour, while also being good for the environment, including the packaging.

Toxic materials, plastic packaging, unnecessary fillers and cut corners won’t be found with our products. Instead, you’ll find what you ordered without costing yourself or the earth.

We’re ready

Yocean Yogi, in 2020, is finally ready to both be a fantastic content site for yogis around the world, while also sharing the gift of our own unique product range.

We hope to serve you on this journey where we can both learn and grow together to a higher level of consciousness.

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