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The Willy Wagtail Spirit Animal and Totem Meanings

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The Willy Wagtail spirit animal speaks to those who are more bold in their pursuits through life. These individuals are cheeky and certainly creature a reputation for themselves.

Let’s go deeper and understand the spiritual symbolism here for those who are curious:

The Willy Wagtail represents the part of ourselves that needs to be more courageous. We simply cannot be reserved any longer and need to move into both a defensive position in order to protect ourselves, but also be more willing to take risks. Their spiritual essence and aboriginal symbolism show this animal may be a bringer of bad news.

You’re the type of person who needs more courage to do the things that others won’t. Thus, you can manifest more of the things that others can’t have.

Most Common Willy Wagtail Totems

You’re the type that’s more rigid. The plans for the future are well drawn out and you see risks just as much as you see opportunities. You’ll easily go up against opponents which are much bigger than you, simply in the act of honour.

Most Common Willy Wagtail Spirit Totems

The Willy Wagtail spirit animal is for those who are constantly building new things. They can’t sit still and are on the lookout for what can be done next. Certainly, some tradies in Australia would resonate with this spirit animal.

You love the company of others though you may also take advantage of them. You’ll see this bird sitting on the back of some horses or cattle on stations across Australia. They’re looking for opportunities to find more food and insects!

Seeing the Willy Wagtail in dreams

Did you just wake up from a dream and see the Australian Willy Wagtail? This means that you need to be more focused in your life. The Willy Wagtail visited you when you were sleeping to remind you that you can’t be so scattered and consume 10 things at once.

True progress is made by following just one path. Choose the right path for you and everything will move back into alignment.

Willie Wagtail Positive and Negative Traits

The great thing about spiritual symbolism is that it has to share the good and the bad, especialy with Willie Wagtails. All spirit animals have the upsides and the downsides.

In the positive case, you are someone that can pivot quickly. In this fast-moving world of ours, you know exactly what to do next and can make a quick turn. Compare this with a bigger bird which takes some time to make changes.

Unfortunately, you also can be judged by others who are less than you. They are frustrated that you’re this quick and able to make decisions fast. This is a case of tall-poppy syndrome alive and well.

You can’t help those who can’t help themselves, so don’t dwell too long on these negative individuals. Such critics are everywhere and you already have skills and knowledge which you have been posessing for so long.

In summary

Everyone in Australia knows about the Willy Wagtail. In fact, it’s one of the most popular birds to see in trees around the country. They often aren’t regarded as a spiritual bird with minimal Aborginal meanings from what we found.

Yet, we can always see the greater meaning here and it’s quite simple. You need to be more bold and persistent if you really want to achieve the results that you’re seeking. Life isn’t meant to be played small, yet you’ve been tip-toeing your way through life for far too long.

It’s time to go big and get what you actually desire! Take action today, so you can live better tomorrow, with more fun and freedom.

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