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Wonder Imports Australia: Are They Any Good?

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Wonder Imports serves Australia’s new age and alternative health stores and markets across Australia that we have decided to review properly.

Note: We don’t have a commercial or business relationship with these guys and are providing an unbiased review. In other words, there is no compensation here.

Let’s begin.

Wonder Imports Review

Based in Moorebank in Sydney, they have thousands of interesting products in their catalogue. Their main line is incense products which they sell to many indian and middle eastern stores, while the new age products go into the alternative health crowd stores.

Wonder Imports Review
The wonder imports warehouse in Sydney is huge!

If you’re into metaphysical crystals, then this is the place for you too. They have literally hundreds to choose from, whether just crystals themselves or jewellery and more.

In addition, there are tobacconist supplies. These include hooka and shisha items but without the nicotine. Essentially you won’t get the stuff that could potentially damage your throat.

Customer experiences

The customer experiences from this place seem to be very strong. Not everyone is happy and the occasional complaint does come through, but this team seems to address problems quite easily over the phone and in emails. Essentially, the reviews about these guys are quite strong given they have been operating for quite some time and have grown year on year.

Customer experiences

They actually have a shopfront where you can enter and wander around to find products that might suit you and your store. They do have minimum order quanties so do keep this in mind and generally just let customers browse around.

Also – they aren’t open to the general public. It’s only retailers as well as other distributors and wholesalers that are welcome here. You’ll find brands such as HEM, Nandita, Goloka, Green Tree and Satya here if you’re searching for Australian incense for your store.

Shipping times

From our experience, Wonder Imports is able to ship all over Australia and New Zealand. You can even choose the freight carrier though they generally have access to the cheapest and quickest prices.

It’s often overnight shipping to both Melbourne, Brisbane and the Gold Coast areas. Other cities may take a few days. It’s recommended if you live in Perth to order a larger quantity to fill an entire pallet to be financially viable.

Additional shipping fees tend to apply for bulky items like salt lamps and rugs. It’s always a good idea to get a quoted price first.

Products available

The products available seem to differ during the year. They seem to get sold out of certain stock from time to time while waiting on additional shipments from overseas. Note: Not everything comes from China which is a real advantage. Countries like Nepal, India and Taiwan are noted.

Products available

You’ll find aromatherapy goods, textiles, healing bowls and wands as well as tapestries and interesting products for your home. While you may not like some of the products on offer, sometimes your customers might so it pays to leave your emotion out of the buying decisions.

Final verdict

So then would we recommend you buy from Wonder Imports in Sydney? Well if you value very good pricing from a wholesaler paired with attractive payment terms, then sure!

They certainly have looked after hundreds of Australian small businesses in the last 10+ years of their operation. The range of products available continues to grow so keep an eye on their latest releases.

Alternatively there are some smaller warehouses offering a much more limited range of goods often at higher prices from our experience. If you’re looking for the best prices in town and a huge range, paired with great service, then it’s hard to go past these guys.

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