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Yoga Anytime Review: Are They Worth It?

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Yoga Anytime is an online yoga stream and meditation platform. We’ve signed up recently and are sharing our experiences with our review.

We’ve chosen to go with an unbiased approach. Therefore, there isn’t any links to join on this page and there is no business relationship between us.

Essentially, we’ll show you what there actually is.

Yoga Anytime Review

Jumping on this platform, we’re delighted to see a healthy layout:

Yoga Anytime Review
This is what you’ll see inside Yoga Anytime once you join

Everything about this screams “We know you” unlike other platforms we’ve reviewed. Yep, this is probably the 11th or 12th online yoga platform that we have done a review on in the last few months.

Seems like Yoga Anytime really understand their customer. It isn’t bland and yet it isn’t overly engaging either. There aren’t any jump-cuts or advertising trying to steal your attention away. It’s just purely clean as you should expect from any home yoga platform or membership.

By the way, they currently have the 15-day trial on offer.


There are hundreds of videos inside designed for all age groups and starting positions.

Yoga Anytime Classes

You can see what’s trending on the platform and what other students are watching now:

Yoga Anytime Review Trending videos

As well as the latest yoga classes that have been uploaded to the platform:

If you’re into Vinyasa Flow, then you’ll love their 60-minute power sessions:

Followed by 10 minutes of wonderful and mild meditation:

Yoga Anytime Meditation

For those who love Restorative and Yin, you’re very well covered:

And since Yoga Anytime has been around for a while, there are some classes that have been hugely popular:

Yoga Anytime Has popular videos

All in all, easy to navigate and transition around on their platform.


One thing that really sets apart this platform is their shows. Essentially this is Netflix for the yoga world.

Yoga Anytime Adjustments

You can learn about the wisdom of yoga or simply join in the fun and see how students are adjusted.

There are popular shows that we loved watching:

Challenges for those ready for the next stage in their journey:

For the total newbie to the mat, you’re totally covered:

There are new episodes being released each week:

Yoga Anytime User Review

For those ready to dive deeper:

Yoga Anytime Membership Review

Then there is the 4-part yoga consciousness series. This is certainly going to take some time to get through!

For the Body:

For the Mind:

And then we have content for the Heart:

And lastly, for Consciousness

Neeedless to say, you’re pretty well covered!

As for the teachers, there are 120+ teachers inside the YogaAnytime platform. Many of these have 20+ videos so they’re clearly around for the long haul.

Our experiences

We really loved this online yoga app and could get lost for hours listening/watching yoga wisdom and consciousness series. For the total beginner, you’ll have the chance to get immersed into this world quite easily. In fact, they have plenty of resources for you.

There are comments underneath the most popular videos so you can see responses from fellow students. As we stated before, we really love the layout which appears to both men and women. And yes – men will find this platform to have some good options.

The ideal student is one that is newer to yoga or has some experience. If you’re moving away from the traditional studio or you need something to supplement your practice, then this is a good starting point.

In summary

If we were to given some criticsm, it’s only the price. We wish it were a little cheaper to help more people get started. After all, there are cheaper alternatives around.

But as for sheer value, it’s hard to go past what is offered on this platform.

We really loved the YogaAnytime platform. It’s much more established than others and has thousands of students already on board. Hopefully we’ll see your name on there real soon.

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