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Yoga Burn Review: Scam or Legit? [$37 Discount]

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Yoga Burn is a program created by Zoe Bray-Cotton we recently purchased and here’s our review detailing our experiences. Is it just an overpriced scam? Let’s find out.

Also – we will be providing a discount link so you can get a copy of this today without paying the expensive price that they charge. Perfect!

Yoga Burn Review

There are gimmicky yoga programs out there and there are those who are walking the talk. We should know as we’ve bought several of these in the last month or so and have reviewed them on our website. This includes yoga apps for your smart phone.

Yoga Burn Review
I really enjoyed this TV program.

One thing lacking with the actual legitimate yoga programs is structure and flow for students. With Yoga Burn, it’s a continual program that takes you from start to finish with a 12-week program. Essentially you’re getting 12 weeks worth of routines for just $67 (but we can discount that for you) so you’ll be able to really road-test this program.

We’ll be going in deep with this review so hold on tight!

What is Yoga Burn?

Yoga Burn is a 12 week yoga program designed exclusively for women and created by Zoe Bray-Cotton. The entire premise isn’t to be relaxing but more-so stimulating so you can lose weight and get yourself down to a flat belly section and yoga booty.

What is Yoga Burn?
Infront of the TV watching Yoga Burn and doing the exercises.

Unlike boring workouts, this one is strategic and progressive for each student. You can cherry-pick the right program for you and your current goals in life. There is also no expectation that you “must do this program exactly how it is” unlike other programs we’ve seen out there.

Essentially if you’re intimidated by yoga studios and want to practice at home, but aren’t into the mellow style of YouTube videos, then this is your next best option. You’ll get both DVDs as well as the digital version which you can watch on your computer, TV or mobile device. We highly recommend the big screen if you’re taking this journey seriously!

The 3 Phase Approach

Zoe has opted with 3 phases for the Yoga Burn program. You essentially have:

  1. Foundation Flow. Everything worth doing is built on strong foundations and losing weight through yoga is no different. Through these classes you’ll be learning the basics of yoga asanas (aka poses) without trying to blitz any world records. You’ll also master the forms of basic poses so you can reduce the chance of injuries.
  2. Transitional Flow. From here, you’ll be expected to pick up the pace. This is where you can reasonably expect to see some early stage results, including potentially some weight lose and calories burnt. Your strength, flexibility and cardiovasuclar skills will be increased while your body will look more toned.
  3. Mastery Flow. In this phase, you’re finally coming up to speed and everything really comes together. Warning: You will be challenged somewhat as in in the Mastery Flow phase Zoe does push her students to keep up for maximum gains.
Some sections of the 3 Phase program were a little confusing.

Through this system, you’re progressing week to week. You see, the problem with commercial yoga studios is that you’re just going to each class week after week. They aren’t building or stacking expectations as students come and go all the time.

For this reason, you might go to yoga for months or years and have very little progress. Essentially, you want a program that makes you progress and is adapted to where you are starting from. That is – from our experience – the best way to go and Yoga Burn delivers all of that.

Opening the Yoga Burn DVD

So what’s in the box? Well, you get both the physical DVDs sent to you in the mailbox as well as digital files to download. These are compatible on smart phones, computers and tablet devices and yes, you can still watch this on TV.

Yoga exercises can be challenging
Zoe Bray-Cotton does make it more challenging during the DVDs, especially towards the end!

Fortunately, you won’t need to wait around for the physical DVDs to arrive. These will come straight into your email with the login details.

We felt it was quite impressive that Zoe did send us a DVD in the mailbox when no one else really does this in the digital world that we now live in. With others, you have to mess around trying to get videos on to the TV while with a DVD, you simply pop it in and start watching. Neat!

Shipping times for Yoga Burn seem to be 3 days to 1 week domestically (United States) and 2 to 3 weeks internationally. This does vary on where you live and which time of the week you order. For example, if you order on a Friday afternoon, it may not ship until the following Monday or Tuesday.

Added bonuses

While we purchased this based on the basis of the 12-week Body Shaping Course alone, we were so happy to receive some great bonuses too! These include:

  1. Immersion Community. This fitness community is exclusively built for women so you can get access to coaching calls and support each other.
  2. Tranquillity Flow Class. This is one of our favourites and we’ve used it for reducing our daily stress. Essentially, this is a Yin Yoga class which is a great way to reduce the inflammation from those overworked muscles.
  3. Audio versions of each class. We don’t feel that this is a tangible bonus as most beginners will be lost without the actual videos of each yoga pose. Yep – we can be critical.
Downward dog while doing yoga with Zoe Bray-Cotton weight loss program

When you really sit down and think about the cost of a yoga class these days ($20ish) then what Zoe is offering for just $37 makes excellent value already as it’s 12 weeks worth of classes. She’s also a very good instructor.

The individual yoga classes

What we really love is that this is a professional setup. Others we’ve reviewed here are home-style setups with bad lighting and poor quality sound. Zoe clearly wants to impress and understands the dynamics of the yoga community and high expectations that come to the table.

Stretching out with Yoga Burn exercise program

The videos are filmed with very high quality cameras. We think that Zoe must have hired a professional TV film crew for this one. The sound is also fantastic and you don’t have that muffling of clothing going into the microphone that you do with other courses or fitness apps.

She’s also close enough to the camera that you can see the pose quite clearly. She also highlights where on your body you should be feeling the stretch.

Program benefits

You’re probably now curious about what is unique about this program. You know – you could always attend a regular class, right?!

There are in fact a multitude of reasons why Yoga Burn is a great option if you’re looking to lose weight and tone your body, while enhancing your metabolism. Essentially – this is a weight loss program as much as it is a yoga program.

Here’s 5 key benefits:

1. It was built for women

In a common yoga studio, they need to serve a variety of ages, genders and outcomes. The instructors are chasing their backside trying to serve everyone at each level, instead of being able to meet you where you are today. This is why Yoga Burn gets our tick of approval, among other reasons.

2. It’s built for weight loss

Unfortunately, most yoga programs are created to help you get more flexible or to build strength. And look – that’s nice, but what if you want to lose weight and get a flat tummy? This is where choosing a program like Yoga Burn’s 12 Week system is perfect.

3. You can make adjustments

Yes, while you’re running through a sequence, you can jump forward or repeat past classes. Essentially you simply find your rhythm and groove without feeling awkward.

4. Fast results

Yes, we understand these marketing claims but there are so many reviews of Yoga Burn that also show impressive results. In other words, people are really experiencing some great results through Zoe’s program without waiting years.

5. Do it at home

Let’s face it – going to a yoga studio can be intimidating. Chances are your yoga instructor has a rock-solid body and will come and nag you constantly in class to adjust your poses which simply makes you feel inadequate. That’s one of the reasons why we chose Yoga Burn instead of going into commercial yoga studios.

And finally…

The benefits that you can yield from this program generally start coming after the first few weeks. You can expect to feel excited yet a little fatigued as your body gets used to so much movement, especially once you’re into Phase 2 of the Yoga Burn program.

The ideal student

So really, who is actually buying Yoga Burn? Well actually, hundreds of women each month! Yes, they’re all getting on board right now as Zoe has put in a lot of time, energy and effort into her training programs.

If you’re a woman who is looking to reduce your weight and tighten up around your tummy region, then this is a great program. Heck – even if you want to get more flexible and build cardio stamina, then this is for you.

Zoe uses dynamic sequencing so that the yoga poses are in a chronological order for maximum effect. The ideal student understands the reasons behind this system instead of randomly doing yoga asanas inside yet another boring commercial yoga class.

You should also incorporate some light cardio after doing one of her yoga classes. Cycling, running or swimming are 3 perfect examples that work well with the Yoga Burn workout program.

Common questions

Watching the Yoga Burn DVD program at home

Is Yoga Burn worth the money?

Yes. Compared to conventional yoga studios or apps which cost $20/month, Yoga Burn only costs $37 with our discount link and you’ll find a full 12-week yoga program. Remember that you will be sent a physical DVD from Yoga Burn and have a 60-day money back gaurantee if you don’t believe this program is worth the price you pay.

Is Yoga Burn good for beginners?

Yoga Burn was made especially for beginners. If you haven’t done yoga before, then this is a great starting point. Unlike a normal yoga studio, you’ll instead be starting the yoga journey at home without the intimidation and stress while going through the poses at your own pace.

Can students lose weight with Yoga Burn?

Yoga Burn recently did a survey and found that 97% of women did actually lose weight as a result of their program. Essentially, you can only get results like this if you follow the instructions, stay committed and be mindful of the foods you also consume during the 12 week program.

Can you stream Yoga Burn?

Yes. You can stream Yoga Burn once you receive your login details which will arrive in your email 2 minutes after purchasing the program. You’ll also be shipped out the physical DVD in the mailbox.

Is Yoga Burn a One-Time Payment?

You only need to make a one-time payment of $37 for Yoga Burn. There are additional upsells such as the Yoga Burn Monthly which is $37/month and this is totally optional. You’ll be advised at checkout as to whether it’s a one-time fee or monthly payment that you’ll be making.

Do they really give refunds?

Yes. Yoga Burn gives unconditional refunds within the 60-day refund window. Simply reach out to their team and your money will be returned to you via their payment processor called Clickbank.

Final thoughts

Yoga Burn is something we almost didn’t buy! This is because we thought it was like one of those 1982 infomercials that make you think that Yoga Burn is a scam. It isn’t at all, and some people think it’s a B-grade program.

As it turns out, it is anything but this! We’re pretty happy with the purchase of Zoe’s yoga program and her methods of reducing weight for women are clearly working.

What we really liked was the video quality. It’s right on point and isn’t tacky or Instagrammy. In other words, you don’t feel inadequate and it’s as though Zoe is building the program right there exclusively for you.

Those who are beginners and intermediate on their yoga journey will enjoy this the most. The poses and sequences are quite enjoyable and it’s not something that takes much time. Just 3 hours per week is all that’s needed to complete the Yoga Burn program in the stated 12 week window.

Our final thought is the cost of not doing this program. Remember that nothing changes unless you change, and as Tony Robbins would say “It’s in our moments of decision that our destiny is shaped” so choose wisely and get started with your yoga journey today.

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