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Yoga By Candace Review: Is It Worth It?

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Yoga By Candace and her online yoga membership is something we recently joined as members. Is it worth it? Our experiences are show in this review.

We’ve actually reviewed quite a number of online yoga platforms in recent months. Some are great while most are simply average.

And the average ones are sometimes have too much of the corporate look and feel. They’ve missed entirely the essence of yoga.

So we were excited by what Candace had to offer given we were following her channel for quite some time.

Yoga By Candace Review

We decided to buy her yoga bundles. These are the YBC Intermediate Yoga Bundle and the Beginner Bundale.

In addition, her YogaByDance 60 minute Yoga DVD called Sweat.

Are these expensive? Yes, especially when you compare them to online memberships.

Yoga By Candace Review

It seems that Candace has taken a difference approach. Others keep you on month by month where as she uses an upfront pricing model.

Now unlike many others, she actually offers a lot on her website. From the blog to 30 day programs, yoga classes and an online shop. You can also join her yoga teacher training which is held annually.

What’s most impressive is that her site has been running since 2011!

What we like

Firstly – she provides so much value on YouTube through her channel. We’re genuinely impressed by what’s on offer here. Most people watch her content and never click through to her website which is strange.

In terms of her paid products, they are even more professional with superior lighting and sound. Given that she earns an income from these, she really goes the extra mile to deliver crisp and precise content.

In addition, her podcast can become quite addictive as can those delicious recipes.

The right student

Typically people become students after following her YouTube content for several months. They click through and purchase one of her programs or classes.

Typically her students are 20 to 35 years old and commonly college students who can’t afford to attend regular studio classes. Mostly they are newer to the yoga space and are looking to ease their way into the journey.

Yoga By Candace Real Student

The right student is in the true fan that wants to support her as much as they want to support themselves. The yoga journey is one best done over decades and not months.

Her improvements

We do look forward to seeing Candace improve and so this isn’t a bit of criticism at all. It’s just that we noticed that some elements of her website weren’t working properly at all.

Also, we’d love to see this as an online membership program instead of big upfront payment. Most students do typically stay on for many months.

But really – these are small improvements and really 1st-world problems. She’s built something remarkable right here.

Our recommendation

For online yoga classes, it’s best to use these as supplementary to actual studio time. Use them at a time when you don’t have time to attend studios or are traveling for work.

There is something to be said for genuine yoga studios where you can connect with other like-minded yogis in person. That connection is worth 100x the price you pay for entry.

Now if you are indeed at home, avoid the temptation to simply watch yoga instructional videos on your phone, laptop or table. Use the biggest screen you have paired with a sacred space in which to practice.

Getting started

Would we recommend that you use the Yoga By Candace online platform? Absolutely!

What we believe offers incredible value is the Mantra Box. It’s your chance to discover new products in the market at considerable discounts.

Either way – we’re excited to see her grow her brand outside of YouTube!

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