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Yoga Class Plan App: Is It Any Good?

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Yoga Class Plan is a yoga sequence builder that we recently tried out and are sharing our unbiased review here. We’ll tell you if it’s worth it.

We’ve tried quite a few of these software platforms in recent months. Essentially this isn’t new to us. We’ll share with you our honest thoughts and opinion here.

Yoga Class Plan Review

One of the biggest mistakes that new yoga teachers make is making up their lessons on the spot. Yep! We’ve experienced it first hand. You know they’re just flying by the seat of their yoga pants.

Then you’ve got others who stick to a pre-written script where they themselves haven’t even been through the sequence. Like really? This happens quite common actually.

Yoga Class Plan Review
Using the software is super easy.

To build confidence in your class, we would certainly recommend a yoga sequencing app. There are dozens now on the market and so it’s hard to know which is best.

We recently audited Yoga Class Plan and our our experiences were actually quite great, but there is small room for improvement.

What we love

Inside the app you’ll find over 400 pose illustrations to choose from. From here you simply drag and drop them into your chosen sequence.

As they have thousands of teachers using the app already, there are over 6,000 shared class plans. This is quite impressive! You can also create your own poses and share them with others and become part of this platform.

Now instead of using your tablet in class (which is both unprofessional and somewhat disrespectful), we recommend you use their print function. This way you can take those poses and print them on recycled paper.

Sequencing with Yoga Class Plan is so much easier!

We really love their easy-to-use interface. We didn’t have to be a tech wizz to figure out how to go through each stage in the process. Clearly this was built for yoga teachers in mind.

We also had to get in touch with their support team and was responded to within 12 hours. They also have an extensive FAQ section with videos to help people figure out small issues.

What could improve

The pricing for this is a little high, especially as the alternatives to Yoga Class Plan are between $5 and $10 per month. That said – they have one of the biggest databases of asanas out there too!

And really…it’s just the pricing that can improve. There are minor complaints about Yoga Class Plan not working on some older devices and uncommon tablets.

Who uses it

There are thousands of yoga teachers worldwide already using Yoga Class Plan. You might be next! We recommend this platform is the monthly cost isn’t a concern to you.

It’s mostly beginner to intermediate yoga teachers on this platform. Those that want to ensure they have a solid sequence for their yoga classes each and every time.

You can also share your sequence between other friends and the yoga studios that you teach at. Often you’ll find friends of yours already using the app.

Final verdict

So then, would we actually recommend Yoga Class Plan? Sure, if you value a platform that can help you advance further as a yoga teacher. There is also a 15-day free trial so you can try it out before committing to this platform.

Essentially the app does exactly as it says! It lets you plan classes with ease without the complications and the technical wizardry that we’ve experienced elsewhere.

There are cheaper/discounted alternatives out there, but from our experience, this one is quite rock-solid with many student reviews also encapsulating our thoughts. This is simply the best value out there!

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