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What is the Best Yoga Mat Length for Me?

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If you wondering how long of a yoga mat you need, then we’ve got you covered. Not all sizes are the same and it depends on your length and stride.

Yoga today has become hugely popular around the world. Not only is there enhanced flexibility, but you’ll also love the improved mind and emotional control and over all wellbeing.

Many many years ago yogis from India would practice out in the open and their ‘mats’ were actually made from deer or tiger skins which were hunted in the world. However, they weren’t this widespread because of the challenges of catching one of these animals and the high price of the skins. Plus – many people within India were vegetarian!

Once yoga found itself into the western world, materials to make yoga mats included rubber, towel and microfibre. Indeed this is what is commonly used today. Most people prefer to use a mat as opposed to the open floor.

The reasons are obvious: bringing your own yoga mat improves safety and comfort within asanas, as well as general hygiene.

The Standard Yoga Mat Length

There are now thousands of companies selling yoga mats, including us here at Yocean Yogi. There is a massive variance of patterns, colors, thickness, materials and styles. Some are eco-friendly while others are merely conventional.

Yoga manufacturers generally agree to make their yoga mats a set size of 68″ long by 24″ wide and this is the typical yoga mat size in studios across the globe.

However, there is no set standard in the market. It seems as though the manufacturers have copied each other based on the average height of humans. Yogis in China will generally get a shorter mat while those in North American might feel like their mat is slightly on the short side.

The Standard Yoga Mat Length

The standard yoga mat length has been designed for someone who is 5 feet and 8 inches long based on global height averages. Remember – women do make up approximately 80% of the yoga community and therefore are generally shorter.

The widths of yoga mats globally generally remain fixed at 24 inches or 610mm, however, some manufacturers have started producing mats at 26″ and 28″ for extra space. There is often less need to go wider in the production of yoga mats globally than there is to go longer.

Variances in yoga mat lengths

You can indeed find longer than standard yoga mats for taller individuals. Some students simply aren’t able to have both their feet and head on the mat in Savasana so they prefer a longer mat.

Notable variances in yoga mat lengths

You’ll find lengths at 70″, 71″, 72″, 75″ and even 80″ though the later is very rare. Some print-on-demand services do allow people to create longer than normal yoga mats. It’s typically more expensive to buy a longer yoga mat. Why? The added materials and labor in creating one-off designs.

One thing to note if you do decide to get a longer yoga mat is the space in a studio. While everyone else has a standard size mat, you might struggle to find space and ‘trespass’ into someone else’s space. It’s also going to be heavier and slightly harder to carry between classes.

The right mat for you

Indeed the best thing to do is to buy a standard-length yoga mat initially. From here you can then decide if you do need to upgrade. Even those in the 6″ to 6″ 3 inches in vertical height are able to use a standard yoga mat without any problems for most poses.

Vinyasa on a yoga mat

If you aren’t able to have both your feet and your head on the mat, then consider bringing a cushion or finding one at the studio. Almost all yoga studios have cushions for this very purpose and they won’t mind if it’s on the timber studio floor.

Length really is just one aspect. You also need to consider the yoga mat materials and the thickness of the mat, but most importantly the style of yoga. Some mats are perfect for yin yoga but terrible for vinyasa.

So really have a think about both the types of classes and asanas you’ll be doing. This is both now and well into the future. When you’re coming off a headstand, you’ll want to know the mat is there to land on!

Yoga mat dimensions when rolled up

The length of your yoga mat determines the dimensions of the mat once rolled up, and this can vary between different manufacturers like Manduka, Giam and Jade as well as materials used. Most importantly – it’s the thickness rather than the length which affects the rolled-up dimensions of a yoga mat.

The exact yoga mat dimensions when rolled up

There is no ‘set in stone’ figure, however rolled up yoga mats are generally 4″ in diameter. If you have a thin mat of 2mm then the rolled up dimensions are closed to 2.5 to 3 inches which thick yoga mats really roll up large towards 5″ to 6″ in length.

Some materials have a ‘flop’ such as PU while others made from rubber will have more of a solid-roll look. With PU you can roll these up super tight while the rigidity of rubber prevents this tightness. Most people do prefer rubber mats with a PU layer on top.

Ask us

Let us know in the comments if you need any help in deciding upon what length of yoga mat will be right for you. We’ll draw upon our experience of having some of the well-designed yoga mats in the market. Our mats are now sold globally!

Whether you’re completely new or have some experience, we’d love to help you make the right decision for your journey ahead, both on and off the mat.

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