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Yoga Vibes Review: Is It Any Good?

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Yoga Vibes is something we recently purchased a membership to. After 2 months of use, we’re sharing our unbiased review and experiences with their platform.

We have no business relationship with this company and simply wanted to show the wider yoga community what it’s really like on the inside.

Let’s begin.

Yoga Vibes Review

While not one of the bigger platforms out there, Yoga Vibes is a good place to find online yoga classes. We heard good things about this membership during some after class chatter in a yoga studio a few months back, so we decided to get on board:

Yoga Vibes Review

Yes, as you can see, we genuinely paid to get inside. We’ve evaluated other yoga online studios so we’re able to discern what to look for.

Inside the layout is very much simple:

Yoga Vibes Review Platform

It was surprisingly easy to navigate and decide upon the type of class that we’re seeking.

The most-watched classes are by Rolf Gates and Giri Yogini. In fact, we look at all the teachers on the platform and we can see one simple trend, and that is HUMAN.

Have you noticed the trend to move towards a plastic approach to yoga? Not here. For the everyday yoga enthusiast, you’ll certainly feel at home on this platform.

What we really love is that you can download videos to practice at home without wife. This is very convenient if you’re traveling and away from WIFI networks.

The live classes

One of the best things about this membership is the live classes. And no, these aren’t YouTube replays like some other platforms that we’ve audited over the recent months.

Live classes

Yoga Vibes has partnered with these following yoga studios:

  • Carolina Yoga Company
  • Exhale – Barre, Yoga and Spa
  • Anusara School of Hatha Yoga
  • All That Matters Yoga + Holistic Health Centre
  • Gates Yoga
  • Guruv Yoga
  • I.AM.YOU. Studio
  • NoDa yoga
  • Studio 108

Essentially you can jump on a live class at least once per day. One of the biggest challenges though is that this is built for the United States market. Those in England or Australia might struggle to find a class time that suits them.

The extras

In addition to all the yoga classes, you can also go with the experiences:

Extras included

These are really themed and take you on quite a journey. Remember – it isn’t just Asanas and flexibility.

Also, one of the biggest benefits of this app is the length of classes. We’ve reviewed several other alternatives to Yoga Vibes and typically the class length is just too short. You know, like 21 minutes for a yoga class isn’t really a ‘class’ – it’s more-so a warm-up.

Yoga Vibes classes are long
Multiple classes over an hour in length. Yeehaw!

As you can see, there are many classes over the 60 minute mark. In fact, more than 200 classes are over 60 minutes in length and 36 classes are OVER 90 minutes. Talk about focusing!

The ideal student

The core focus here is yoga classes. Some other platforms have gone out much wider but with that comes increased costs. Yoga Vibes does things different.

The ideal student is one who wants to have at-home yoga tutorials that are mixed. Some of these are pre-recorded yoga classes and others are instructor-only. Some are instructor + 2 assistants.

With this you get to choose your experience. The sound quality is good as is the video quality, with the content not really being outdated.

Most students are complete new to yoga and prefer this as an alternative to attending classes. If that’s you, then you’re in the right place.

In summary

Yoga Vibes is good. We wouldn’t say it’s the best platform out there but it’s definitely valuable and affordable. It’s basic and non-intrusive.

Most importantly – it’s human. It’s designed for real people at all stages of their journey.

If you’re intimidated by other platforms, then you’ll definitely find good use value here.

Have you used Yoga Vibes before? If so, let us know in the comments below.

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