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Yoga With Kassandra Review: Is It Worth It?

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Yoga With Kassandra and her Yin Yoga Teacher Training is something that we recently decided to purchase and write this unbiased review.

We have no commercial or business relationship with Kassandra and are simply showing our experiences with the platform.

Yoga With Kassandra Review

We’ve been watching Kassandra on YouTube now for many months like most people reading this review and decided to get inside her membership. Essentially we wanted to stop the distractions and simply get into genuine yoga from home.

Before writing this review, we’ve already been through various online yoga platforms and have audited them for content. Because of this, we’re able to discern whether Kassandra’s platform is worth the price you pay.

Let’s begin.

Yoga styles

There are numerous types of yoga styles that Kassandra teaches as you’ll probably learn from her YouTube channel. Let’s have a look:

Yoga With Kassandra Membership
Yoga With Kassandra Review
Meditation and Restorative yoga
Yoga With Kassandra Yoga Styles Review

Essentially there is something for everyone. Now, let’s break down what you’ll find in the Yin section as that happens to be the most popular:

Yoga With Kassandra Yin

Clearly there aren’t any distractions. It’s just straight into yoga and the type of content you won’t really find you YouTube. Also – we’re only showing 1/3rd of the classes available.

Types of classes

There are classes for morning sessions and classes for evening sessions. In addition, you’ll find short, long and extra long sessions inside the membership area.

Students who are beginners will be well-accommodated here as will intermediate and advanced students. If you’re progressing towards yoga teacher training then this is a good platform to accelerate your journey.

Her classes are filmed professionally with excellent sound quality. With the outdoor classes, they can be a little distracting with the wind but nothing too excessive.

Extra content

What we love the most is the Vlogs and motivational content. Some of this you’ll find on YouTube while some is reserved for her premium students.

Extra content

It’s a chance to get to know Kassandra on a more deeper level. Other platforms we’ve audited are all about yoga classes and nothing else. For that reason, we don’t really get the chance to get to know the individual.

Because with online yoga, we crave connection even more and are grateful that she has included this within her student area.

The right student

Most of her students are those who like us have watched her YouTube content for many months. When someone gives so much value, you tend to want to support them by becoming a member.

The students inside are often newer on their yoga journey and don’t really want to use a studio at this time. They also have a feeling of gratitude towards what she has created and her energy.

Most students are 20 to 45 years old and as you’d expect, are typically female.

Student-only content

So then, where’s the value in paying for this platform given how much she’s already given on YouTube? Well, here’s an outline:

  • You can join one of her programs such as Lunar Yoga or Vin to Yin Chakra series
  • She provides calendars that you can print off and use to keep yourself on track
  • There is also the Yoga Pose library with hundreds of detailed instructions on how to do each pose
  • Most importantly – a distraction-free environment. No ads. No fluff. Pure yoga.

You can also download the app to iPhone and Android.

In summary

Would we recommend Yoga With Kassandra’s paid membership option? Sure! For the right person. You still gain a lot of value with her YouTube classes.

For those ready to take it a step further, then her membership platform is worth every dollar.

Have any questions? Let us know in the comments below.

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