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YogaFire TV Review: Is The Subscription Worth It?

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YogaFire TV is an online yoga platform from New Zealand. We’ve written this unbiased review of the membership to do yoga at home.

We got inside to see what’s on offer with their subscription. After all, we’ve covered numerous online yoga platform here in recent months.

YogaFire TV Review

This is one of the more-so unknown yoga platforms which is newer to the market. For kiwis, it’s one of the local options that’s worth considering.

Before starting, we really had to think about whether this was right for us here at Yocean Yogi. We’re a yoga brand and like to see authenticity before moving forward.

YogaFire TV Review

What got us across the line is:

  1. Classes for everyone. While plenty are in there for beginners, there are also intermediate and advanced classes which are typically slim with other platforms.
  2. A range of different styles. Most of these platforms seem to focus on hatha yoga where as there are just so many good styles where you won’t want to be restricted.
  3. Easy to practice. The classes vary in length and often 10 to 30 minutes for the person who is time-poor.
  4. Dedicated teachers. Just like in a real yoga studio, the teachers behind YogaFire clearly are here for a long time.
  5. Outdoor setting. There is something to be had for an online class that is filmed outside, not in a co-cooned indoor studio with bad lighting.

Most importantly – YogaFire provides a free trial for their platform so we joined.

The content

There are 200+ yoga classes lead by men throughout this series. Both men and women join as it’s a change from the other platforms which are female-centric when it comes to teachers.

While we mentioned the outdoor setting, there are many classes still held on the inside. Remember that New Zealand can be a cold place and so studio settings are ideal for the winter months.

Whether it’s indoor or outdoor, the audio quality is excellent. The lighting was also quite superior and it seems to be without the use of photo studio lighting.

Students on the inside

Unfortunately there aren’t that many students on the inside of YogaFire yet. It’s still a new platform and given the rise of content on YouTube, most people aren’t willing to join an online yoga platform.

This will no doubt grow over time though and certainly YogaFire has carved out a niche in the market. Is this for everyone? Not quite, but it’s certainly right for some people.

While we haven’t networked, most students on the inside are probably male. This adds another dimension of uniqueness to this online yoga platform.

What could improve

We’re not the one to give out criticism at all in our online reviews, however we’ll share room for improvements. From this we hope to see online platforms improve based on our independent feedback.

For us, it’s the lack of community which will improve over time. This is a new platform where it takes time to build traction in the marketplace. Presumably, this is geared for Australians and New Zealanders as opposed to the rest of the world, though some people in other countries will inherently join.

The lack of female yoga teachers could also improve. Even if the intention is a male-centric platform, it doesn’t mean that only men should be teachers.

But really – these are 1st world problems and otherwise, what’s offered here is of great value. Indeed, you won’t get the distractions of other platforms out there.

In summary

We really do look forward to seeing YogaFire grow over time. It’s early days for this NZ-born platform that’s out to change people’s lives for the better through yoga.

Our recommendation is that you use it on your TV. Avoid the distracting phone or tablet.

Also, use this as a supplementary to your usual yoga practice in a studio and you’ll be well set.

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