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Yogaholics Review: Australia’s Best Yoga App?

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Yogaholics is Australia’s answer to the US-based online yoga class memberships. We’ve purchased a membership and this review is our experiences.

Please note: We don’t have a commercial or business relationship with Power Living Australia who created Yogaholics. We’re simply sharing our experiences as an unbiased review with their membership.

Let’s begin.

Yogaholics Review

Online yoga is booming right now and everyone is keen to get on board. The problem is that Australia has been largely forgotten about, until now.

Yogaholics seems to be the answer, so we pulled out the credit card and got into it:

Yogaholics is run by Duncan Peak, Keenan Crisp, Tobie Morris and Emee Dillon.

The inspiration came about when they realized that many people kept missing yoga classes and wanted something that fitted their schedule. After all, everyone deserves the benefits of yoga no matter where they live or the shifts they work.

The content

Inside are hours and hours of well-filmed content. The audio quality is fantastic and the lighting is on-par.

It seems to have been filmed inside one of their Sydney yoga studios recently going by the background theme.

You can stick within certain teachers who teach multiple classes, or simply jump between classes. Essentially, it’s just like a real studio but online.

The value

One of the biggest value-propositions is the fact that this is Australian and built for Australians. The pricing is in AUD and with the current exchange rate differences in the United States, makes those offerings quite expensive.

Now, Yogaholics is a bit newer on the market and there isn’t so much content right now. We imagine the price will rise in the next few months as the team progressively build the library for students.


The Yocean Yogi team finds it very easy to meditate to Australian voices. It’s strange but true! The challenge in the past with the US-based online yoga memberships is that they’re almost exclusively non-Australian accents.

Luckily, Yogaholics have answered our intended manifestations with their meditation series which is accessible within the app. You can even do a Yoga Nidra class and really get present.


One thing that’s definitely missing is the community spirit. We’re not going to give criticism here as we know the App has only been out for a little while, but instead we do look forward to having a community discussion place.

Maybe a Facebook group? Maybe an online forum? Sometimes that after-class chatter is what we need to help reconnect and find soulful presence with others.

The students

There are already dozens of students in Australia using Yogaholics. These are based across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide and even Perth.

Many students have been to one of the Power Living yoga studios in the past and have made space at home to do yoga without the judgement. Chances are that there would be students in your city that you could connect with. Again – another reason to have a Facebook group.

You’d be the right match for this online. yoga platform if you’re committed to sticking to the process. Yoga isn’t an overnight win and takes years to find your way through the Asanas and flow properly.

Often it’s total beginners and intermediate yogis that use a platform like this. You can supplement this with 1 or 2 casual passes per week in a real studio.

In summary

From our experience, Yogaholics does offer good value and is the cheapest place to do online yoga in Australia.

At the same time, they are still building content and it’s early days. We do look forward to seeing where this goes. For now, we’ll stay on board as students.

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