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Yogi Detox Tea Review: Is It Actually Genuine?

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Yogi Detox Tea is something that is quite controversial and decided to recently try it out for ourselves. Was it actually worth the $30 we paid?

We’re constantly seeing the new trends and fads out there creeping their way into the world of yoga, meditation and spiritual awakening. It’s somewhat created some controversy in the world.

Now, we had heard some great things about Yogi Detox Tea prior to purchasing and creating this review. We figured it was worth trying out regardless of the outcome.

Yogi Detox Tea Review

What we really loved about the tea is the herbal flavors available. They certainly have a diverse range so you can pick out what you desire. They’re also made in India which is a real plus for us.

The boxes look amazing which causes a lot of people to simply purchase. Indeed they have been around a few years now and you’ll find Yogi tea to be very popular on Amazon.

We really did enjoy consuming this product. The taste is right where we’d expect it to be. It’s quite herbal and if you’re not quite used to this, then it might be confronting initially.

Generally, within a few weeks, people do report feeling lighter, though there isn’t any concrete evidence that this branded tea actually works. Certainly, the tea itself regardless of who makes it does have health benefits, but tea alone often isn’t the only solution you need.

Side effects of Yogi Detox tea

There are multiple reports of people having mild to moderate complications when consuming Yogi Detox Tea. Unfortunately, no brand is immune to such complaints.

Yogi Detox tea

You’ll find that the human body reacts differently. We’re all made different and ingredients such as ginger can cause us side effects if we are to detoxify the body.

The Yogi Tea company has responded as professionally as possible to such complaints. They have been around for several years and so you’ll find them in multiple US grocery stores such as Wholefoods.

Overall thoughts

We really do like this tea and the packaging is excellent. Coincidently, we do share similar brand names but there is no commercial or business relationship between us. We simply love their products!

Pouring water on to Yogi Detox tea in the home

Below we’re going to answer some of the most popular questions that come to the surface.

Yogi Tea FAQs

Where Can I Buy Yogi Detox Tea?

You can buy Yogi Tea through many supermarkets and health food shops across the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. In addition, many of the leading online organic stores also sell their unique kava tea products.

Where Does Yogi Detox Tea Come From?

India. Yogi tea sources most of their tea from suppliers in India. This means you’ll get the finest product right from the origin. The tea is imported into several countries either as is, or after the bagging stage.

Who Owns Yogi Tea?

Yogi Bhajan in the United States owns Yogi Tea which operates under East West Tea Company LLC. In 35+ years this company has gone from strength to strength and is based in Springfield, Oregon.

What Alternatives to Yogi Tea Are There?

There are happens to be some great alternatives to Yogi Tea:

  1. Vida Tea
  2. Teavana
  3. Vahdam
  4. Zija Premium
  5. Ahmad Tea
  6. Stash Herbal
  7. Traditional Medicinals
  8. Frontier Co-Op
  9. Honest Tea
  10. Octavia Tea
  11. Organic India
  12. Numi
  13. Manana

Most of these are USDA Organic and also source from India. You’ll find many of these in retail stores as well as online.

In Summary

Yogi Tea is a wonderful tasting herbal tea. Can they help you detoxify? That’s questionable and it should be apart of a complete program to help you get your health back on track. As always – speak to a professional health advisor.

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