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YogiApproved App Review (We Bought It!)

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YogiApproved has a membership area which we decided to become a member and provide our independent review. We have no commercial relationship with YA.

YogiApproved App Review

We’re sharing our unbiased and non-commercial approach within this YogiApproved review. Essentially, you’ll see what you really get on the inside for your subscription.

We looked around for quite some time to find an online yoga class that we felt comfortable with purchasing. After all, there are about 20 of these platforms out there now.

We’ll be showing you the library of classes and programs on offer, as well as our critical opinions about the subscription.

Let’s begin.

Joining the YogiApproved program

Becoming a member of YogiApproved was a super simple process. We noticed that a lot of other platforms complicate it but this is very different here.

We got this and the welcome email as well. It was wonderful to become a member and join in this new journey ahead.

And so, we were eager to see what was awaiting us on the inside.

The Dashboard

This is essentially the place you’ll come to view everything that is on offer. Unlike many other platforms, the general look and feel of this is so simple.

The YogiApproved Dashboard

You can see the newest programs on the platform as well as find classes that are specific to your yoga journey. For many people, that’s going to be the beginners section.

Alba Avella’s series is certainly a great program, as is the beginner yoga basics by Leah Sugerman. Men will enjoy the inclusion as there are classes on strength and stamina.

YogiApproved account dashboard

Quick note: We’ve chosen to create this YogiApproved review based on the desktop version and so the smart phone or tablet layouts might be diffferent.


There are 244 classes inside YogiApproved at this time of publishing. More content is being added weekly by their dozens of yoga teachers inside the platform.

YogiApproved Yoga Classes App review

Are these what you’ll find on YouTube? No. These are professionally created and YogiApproved has high standards for the classes that you’ll find inside here.

The average yoga class is around 35 minutes which is a little on the short-side. However, this means you have time to do 2 classes instead of one.


Many of these classes actually form part of programs, often with the same yoga teachers.

Programs inside YogiApproved

Essentially, you’ll simply find more yoga classes that are structured right here.

With other online yoga training platforms where you can practice at home, you’ll find the ‘programs’ section NOT to be Asanas but instead things you can do off the mat.

That brings us to our next part on offer with the membership.

The extras

After you’re done with classes, you’ll probably want something extra. Unfortunately, there is no additional video content beyond yoga classes.

The rest of the content is written like a magazine, except there are no intrusive ads anywhere. Literally none. It’s refreshing to see a place where you can get some yoga wisdom without being distracted by another yoga mat for sale or juice detox.

We would love to see content here to help people with organic meal preparation as well as yoga wisdom. If we can share some criticism towards YogiApproved, it’s that for $15 per month you’re only receiving yoga classes. Other platforms offer so much more for less outlay.

In summary

If it’s just online yoga classes that you’re looking to subscribe to, without the distractions of YouTube, then YogiApproved is an excellent starting point.

Our recommendation is that you set up your TV instead of using a portable device. Use that big screen as it makes all the difference.

Have you experienced YogiApproved? Then let us know in the comments below.

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