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Yogis Anonymous Review: Is It Any Good?

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Yogis Anonymous is one of the best yoga platforms according to some people, but there are some shortcomings within Ally Hamilton’s membership.

We decided to write this unbiased review of Yogis Anonymous based on our own experiences. There is no business or commercial relationship between us and this company.

Yogis Anonymous Review

Sometimes YouTube just isn’t enough. You want to get away from the distractions, the marketers and the comments section.

Luckily, through an online yoga membership, it helps you find the moment.

We joined Yogis Anonymous and are sharing our experiences within this review.

As you can see, we joined right up:

Yogis Anonymous Review

Then something immediately spoke to us – their clever use of language.

It’s clear whoever put the website together has a sense of yogi humor.

Yogis Anonymous Review Ally Hamilton

Essentially, the platform is separated into 3 core areas: New Classes, Courses and Pose Tutorials. Let’s unpack each.

New Classes

For many beginners and new starters, this is the first point of call within the membership.

There are frequently new classes added to Yogis Anonymous every week

You can also get specific classes based on the type of individual that you are:

With hundreds of students inside Yogis Anonymous, it’s clear that there are some popular classes:

To point out some criticism, the lighting and video quality is quite basic. Other apps go for a sensational approach and this feels very much like a home-setup.

However, for some people it just feels more real and authentic. Less commercial and simply yoga.

There is also a range of popular yoga studios including Vinyasa Flow, Hatha and Yin:

From here, we can learn more about poses.

Correct yoga poses

Form is everything within yoga to really feel that stretch. When practicing at home, we lack that teacher who can correct us within our pose.

Poses inside Yogis Anonymous

Luckily, Ally Hamilton has an entire section dedicated to exactly this:

That’s pretty much everything to get yourself aligned properly on the mat.


Definitely our favorite place within Yogis Anonymous is the courses. The beginner series and the Chakra Series in particular got our immediate attention.

In a lot of other online yoga memberships, there are upsells into various courses. We don’t believe this is ethical to do this. You know – if you’re going to offer courses, they should be free for all paying members.

Luckily, Yogis Anonymous agrees with us and so you can access their entire library completely for free. However, we did notice some outdated content back from 2016.

Sometimes it’s hours worth of content here and we didn’t want to spoil exactly what’s inside each of these. With a free trial on offer, you can certainly find out for yourself. 🙂

The right student

We’ve evaluated numerous online yoga platforms here at Yocean Yogi over the recent months. Yes – we’ve paid and become members with several of them.

There are students that will find their way into certain communities. The right student for Yogis Anonymous appears to be the person who wants simply yoga.

No frills. No extras. Just yoga and lots of it. Commonly the individuals are aged 25 to 50 and live in the United States.

The pricing is quite affordable yet the offerings are a bit on the slim side compared to other platforms. But if it’s just yoga you’re looking for, then there is plenty of classes here to look after your needs.

In summary

Yogis Anonymous is a great platform for pure yoga. They do away with the commercial upper-class approach that some platforms have. As a result, the cost for the monthly membership is cheaper.

Our advice, as it is for many of these platforms, is to avoid the temptation to simply watch yoga classes on your phone or tablet. Instead, get hooked up to the TV and really get yourself on that mat.

Sure – it’s going to look weird exercising in front of the TV, but the small screen isn’t so effective.

What’s most effect is sticking to the journey and reaching for the mat each and every day.

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